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Autobacs Bukit Batok - One Stop shop for your car needs

All boys day out.

Heading down to a car workshop during weekends may not be the perfect family outing one looks forward to during weekends. However, if the intention was to protect the family, it becomes a necessity. With the recent spate of cars travelling in opposite directions, safety on Singapore becomes questionable. This lead to the decision to get a decent dash cam in the event of an accident where evidence is important in relation to the insurance claim.

With Mommy out of town for the weekend, it was all boys excursion to Autobacs Bukit Batok.

Rims @ Autobacs

Autobacs has been around in Singapore for the past 23 years. It is probably a familiar brand with car owners in Singapore. Most would associate it with car accessories or even deem it as a tires and rims shop. We found out it was a lot more than that during our first visit. Hailing from Japan, Autobacs is a one-stop shop for your car needs. Think of it as a supermarket for car accessories. You are almost certain to find something you need for cars . At the same time you can pamper it with servicing and upgrades.

Autobacs Engineer

Before we start exploring Autobacs, we decided to head down to the workshop to fixed up our dash-cam that we picked up. If you are buying a dash-cam, we recommend that you get it fixed up in the workshop. The trained specialist would be able to hide the pesky wires from sight as well as provide installation and wiring to the car batteries for dash cams with park function. Bottom-line, it will be much safer to get a professional to do the job than to DIY when it comes tomeddling with car mechanics.

It wa a good thing that Autobacs has a private air conditioned lounge for car owners waiting for their cars to get ready.  The boys were fighting over each other in deciding who gets a shot at the comfy massage chair located there. While we enjoy little perks like free coffee and tea, we could also view our car from the comfort of the lounge. 
View from the lounge

Most of the patrons were there to do the regular car servicing. Compared to servicing at the authorised dealers, you can save a bundle here. In addition, from that we observed, the car workshop is equipped with modern machinery that would rival most workshops. Save for the supercars, we were told that Autobacs can service most cars in the market.

A little tip, if you book in advance for servicing, you would probably only need to wait for an hour or two for your car to be ready. Compared to 'losing' the car for a whole day in authorised workshops, this is another plus.

Engine Oil Servicing at Autobacs.
Like most Japanese firms, transparency is the key. Prices for each package are clearly listed for you to choose. Unlike a smaller garage, you will know exactly what engine oil is being used in servicing at Autobacs .

In addition, Autobacs do provide different package for various engine oils. You can choose your preferred engine oil off the shelves and simply foot the labour bill for a change. We reckoned this model would give car owners the greatest flexibility and a peace of mind.

While we waited for our car to be ready, we headed down to the bright and spacious auto mart to do some window shopping.
Autobacs @ Bukit Batok
Since Autobacs is synonymous with tyres and rims, we decided to make that our first stop.

A Great Wall of Tyre greeted us, showcasing the different brands of tyres Autobacs carried. The friendly staff also gave us a tip on choosing tyres. He explained not all tyres are created equal. Some shops may sell you tyres at a cheaper rate, but they are actually 'older' tyres. To check the age of the tyre, simply look for the marking pointed below.
How old is the tyre

The tire showed 1716 - Meaning it was produced on the 17 week of 2016. Use that as a gauge to check the age of the tyre.

Speaking of tyres, Dad was seduced by the sight of gleaming rims on a rack. Given that Chinese New Year is near, instead of changing car which is a costly affair, it might be better to change the shoes instead to give the old car a new look. Tempting, especially when he spotted a design he liked at a reasonable price.
Thinkware Dashcam Autobacs

As mentioned earlier, the main reason why we were at Autobacs was because we are getting a dash cam. Autobacs is the authorised dealer for a few brands of dash-cams such as Thinkware, the number one dash-cams from Korea. Since the model we wanted was from Thinkware, it was a no brainer to get it from Autobacs.

Tyres, rims and cameras are but a small selection of what Autobacs has in store. Being a one stop car shop, there is plenty more stuff you can get from there.

We spotted a few interesting air fresheners including a highly desirable R2D2 model.

For those heading across the causeway, it does pay to get a little more assurance when you are driving there. The various steering locks on sale would suit the need for extra protection.
Wheel Cleaners
Essentials such as car wax, shampoos and clay cleaners are aplenty with numerous brands represented there.

Other items you could check out include wipers, carpet mat, waist cushion and more.
Waist Cushion
Do you want to convert your car seat to one similar to aeroplane seats?

You could do so with this double tray found in the store. A nifty item to get especially if you are picking hungry primary school kids from the end of school.
Novelty tray from Autobacs
There is even a section that targets female drivers.

Hello Kitty anyone?

Hello Kitty

If you are looking for a great deal, look out for these Down Down Deal signs. The discounts are simply outrageous. If we had our way, we would want to swipe all of them because they were such good deals.

If we did not choose Thinkware set, we would probably settle for the DVR from Blaupunkt. At less than $100 for a branded Full HD dash cam, it is a steal!
Blaupunkt DVR
A special thanks to Shuan who brought us around Autobacs. He is one of the pioneer staff at Autobacs since its inception and was fantastic at sharing essential information and tips for drivers.
Within an hour, our dash cam was ready to go. Before we drove off, we had a 15 minutes walk through by the mechanic on how to operate the dash cam. It was good to know how the dashcam works and tips on how to get the best out of it. With such good service, it was hard not to walk away as a happy customer.

Thinkware @ Autobacs
Useful information
Website :

Autobacs Bukit Batok
30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Singapore 659761

Or pay a visit to their sister company at the following address

Autobacs Ubi
10 Ubi View, Singapore 408543

Want to get more perks at Autobacs?
You might want to check out the benefits of being a member there.

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    1. Please contact Autobacs directly. We do not represent them. Thanks!


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