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Protect your eyes with 3M P1610 LED Polarizing Light

Protect your eyes with light.

If you have school going kids, you would know that homework is their best friend on most school days. As much as one would like all homework to be done immediately when they are back from school, there are always days when work will spill over to the evening.

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As much as ceiling lights brightens a room, it may not be sufficient when you are doing homework. Given space limitation, bedrooms double up as study rooms. Most bedroom lights are dim to create a relaxing atmosphere for bedtime. In addition, ceiling lights create shadows on the reading / writing materials, making the task of doing homework challenging. This would not be conducive for studies. A well lit study area would be necessary to brighten up the study area as well as eliminate the urge to drift to la la land.

Getting the right lamp is important  . Factors such as brightness , energy consumption , coverage are essential factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right desk lamp. The new 3M P1610 fits the bill and then some.
3M P1610 for reading

3M LED P1610
Our previous 3M lights are rectangular in design . They look sleek but pales with the new curvy features of 3M P1610 . Breaking from its usual mould , the P1610 will suit well in the modern Art Deco home . Actually , it will fit in most rooms given its versatile look. Unlike its predecessors , the roundish feature will eliminate the risk of accidentally knocking into the longish led tubes of old. 

Circle is the new rectangle.

On a totally unrelated but important note, the first 3m Light we had since 2013 still shines as bright till today. It proves how well build 3M lamps are regardless of design.
Generations of 3M Lights

The circular design has its advantages. The design allows a wider circular range , ensuring blind spots around the table are well taken care of .


Other than the wider coverage , the P1601 comes with 3M legendary anti glare polarising filter technology that is easy on the eyes . Along with the 3M air guide technology , shadows are banished, providing minimal distractions when it's reading time . The top half of the lamp is also flexible , giving you greater versatility in use. If you even need a spotlight for your child budding performance , this might just do the job . 

Different intensity

As per previous iterations , you can control the brightness of the lamp . With 5 level brightness adjustment , you can have lux levels from 200 all the way up to 1000 to suit your lighting needs .

Just a gauge , 300-500 lux level is ideal for casual reading , whilst 500-1000 lux level is recommended for intensive studies.

Cool White
To make it even more flexible , the 3M P1610 comes with 6 colour changes .

Cool white - Daylight white - Natural White - Soft White - Warm White 

Warm White
There will be a light selection to suit your needs . As our house is fitted with warm white , having the  choice of a warm light desk lamp will be less harsh on the eyes . The contrast between the lights from the desk lamp and the main lights is minimize. 

By now it would be apparent that  a desk lamp is essential to protect little one eyes . In addition , it is also great for old folks like Daddy since he usually spends the twilight hours updating a blog . Instead of turning on the main lights and waiting everyone up , he could simple switch on the desk light, turn on some soft music and be entirely in his zone to pen his thoughts. In comparison to relying on the light source solely from the computer screen, his eyes will be better protected from the harsh glare.

If your eyes protected too  , the 3M P1601is available in stores for a retail price of $289 . We did found a better price online from Hachi.Tech at a discounted price of $231.2 . Happy hunting for one ! 

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The Wacky Duo received the 3m LED P1610 for the purpose of this review. No monetary rewards was given and all opinions are of our own.

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