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TLC ' A Peter Rabbit Tale ' Review

Credit :  SRT

When your little ones thinks that other families are better than your own , bring them to watch A Peter Rabbit tale.

This heartwarming musical tale that will remind them that grass it not always greener on the other side .

A Peter Rabbit Tale is SRT The Little Company (TLC) first production for 2017 . If you have not heard about TLC , you must be living under a rock. They had been entertaining kids for 15 years providing 'Big Theatre for Little People ' with their original adaptations of famous stories. We had been earnestly following them since our first production The Cat In The Hat in 2012. For the past 5 years, we had looked forward to their English and Chinese productions. TLC usually have 2 to 4 shows per year .
The Peter Rabbit Tale - SRT

Kicking off 2017 is A Peter Rabbit Tale, adapted from Beatrix Potter. As famous as Peter Rabbit was, admittedly we have no clue  about the story and was a little apprehensive about watching the show (Later we found out that he  . Unlike the past productions like Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Charlotte's Web , this was one story that had eluded our literature journey .

Synopsis (From SRT Website)
Somebody stop that rabbit! Peter causes nothing but trouble with his constant mischief, but when he breaks the rules and steals from Mr. McGregor's garden, he knows he's gone too far. Afraid of what his mother might say, the only option for this little fugitive is to leave his warm rabbit hole and run away into the big world.

Peter goes on a musical adventure of new places and new faces as he discovers the importance of family and the wonderful freedom of being yourself. 

This play teaches children the importance of family and to cherish their loved ones.

It was actually a good thing as we knew that TLC always add their own personal touch to each adaption. The original story has Peter Rabbit having a misadventure at Mr McGregor vegetable garden . TLC version included that and had Peter Rabbit searching for a new home and family. The reason - he was dissatisfied with his own . From encountering a pair of squirrels to a family of mice, he faces challenging in integrating with the 'new' family. Peter slowly realised that being himself is the best and his own family is most suitable for him.

The twist in the tale turned this musical into a heart warming story about self discovery with a reminder to treasure your love ones . If you are a fan of the movie SING, Trolls and Maona , you would love A Peter Rabbit Tale. TLC had been making musical production a signature of their performance and excel in it.

Credit : SRT
In case you think you will see bunny suited actors hopping around the stage, think again. TLC always have an innovative way to humanize a character in the story regardless of its original form.

Usually TLC would include some of the their regular cast in the production. This play was no exception with Benedict Hew (Three Little Pigs) and Yvonne Low (The Billy Goats Gruff) returning as case members . With most cast holding multiple roles in the play, it was a tight cast of 5 that brings the story alive. Props to Joshua Gui for his interpretation of Peter Rabbit. The other cast members took on multiple roles with Benedict Hew shining as the mischievous Benjamin Rabbit (and more), Siti Mazanah  rocking hard as Mrs Tiggy Winkle the hedgehog(Our favourite performance), Yvonne Low and Yulin Ng as the twin sisters of Peter Rabbit and a pair of squirrel siblings. This multi-talented cast with an excellent portfolio of performances delivered where it matters... entertaining the little people in a big theatre.
Look out for the rocking hedgehog

The excellent cast , catchy tunes , engaging story telling and creative props make this tale comes alive . Show will be on till 14 Apr . Catch it before it hops away!

PS : We LOVE the newly renovated KC Arts Center. It looks absolutely divine in white.

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