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Chef : Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab

Guess what is cooking in RWS?

From now to 22 July, RWS World Theatre turns into a giant Kitchen to debut a brand new Korea-Singaporee production; Chef :  Bibimbap vs Chilli Crab

What is Chef : Bibumbap vs Chill Crab?

From the creator of famed Korea production Jump and Nanta, Chef : Bibimbap vs Chill Crab is a non verbal production mold in similar vein of Nanta where slapsticks antics and an all action cast shape the story through beatboxing and b boys performances.

The storyline is simple enough . Green Chef and Red Chef battle out in the kitchen with a variety of meals from Sushi to Chicken noodles. The various battles escalate to the grand finale where Green Chef whips up a sumptuous dish of Bibumbap while Red Chef delights with the local favourite Chilli Crab. Along the way, Sexy Chef, Rookie Chef, Iron Chef  and Cutie Chef (helmed by local twin actress Hayley and Jayley Woo on alternate months) provide the support in the kitchen.

If you are expecting a Nanta like performance, this production ; while having its roots in Korean slapstick differs in certain aspect. Given that it is a Korea- Singapore production , it adds  a local flavour to it. Occasionally , you can hear Green Chef spouting Singlish like 'chio bu' and 'wah  lao' which resonated well with the audience. With local TV stars in the mix, you can expect a show tailored for the locals.

Props instead of real food are used in compared to Nanta.Given that this is brand new performance, the choreography may not be as well polished as Nanta with comedy  takes centerstage instead of precise actions.

In addition, audience participation contribute significantly to the flow of the production. If you are picked on stage, you will be make to perform certain antics. At the end of it, you will be rewarded with vouchers from various RWS resturants that were blatantly 'advertised' with large placards that is hard to miss. This tongue in cheek antics set the stage for the tone of the show. With the show focusing on numerous interaction with audience, each show is different than before with the performers  needed  to improvise on stage for certain parts.

At the end of the finale, stay glue to your seat as you will be treated to a mini concert of beatboxing and a dance-off between the show two main b boys. This 80 minutes performance hits you on all senses.

Why you should watch it?

If you are staying in RWS or intending to visit Universal Studio, add this show to your agenda. Given the bundled prices of the tickets, it is a steal to watch the show.  A bundled ticket would cost as little as $15 per adult.Check out the various promotions here. This is probably one of the best price tickets for an RWS show!

Chef : BiBimbap vs Chilli Crab will end its run on 22 July.

Chef : BiBimBap vs Chilli Crab
10 June to 22 July
Resorts World Theatre

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