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NDP 2017 : Preview Tickets + Fun Pack Giveaway!

Kee Qui

Who wants free NDP parade?

Eversince our first encounter with NDP a few years back, NDP has always been on our radar every year. When opportunity arises, we always look forward for a chance to attend the parade.  We are sure that many fellow Singaporeans feel the same pride as we do for the nation. It will not be surprising to find Singaporeans balloting year after year for the exclusive tickets that even money cannot buy.

As NDP 2017 approaches, we have a special announcement to make. As media partners with NDPeeps, we are giving away  8 preview tickets for 2 readers of The Wacky Duo ( Both winners will receive 4 tickets each) and 2 NDP 2017 Fun packs to 2 other readers.

Contest closes on 20 June. Results will be out on this post by 23 June

 Term and Conditions
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2. Participants must share this post about the contest on facebook
3. Participants must comment on this post about well wishes for Singapore’s Birthday
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Congrats to the following winners

Preview Tickets for 4 

Esther K
Sharon N


Hui C
Alvin S

Winners will be notify by NDPeeps on collection details.
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  • Ensure your  shares are set to public for us to verify, otherwise you will be disqualified. Facebook accounts set up to join Giveaways ONLY will be disqualified at the discretion of TheWackyDuo.com
  • Open to Singapore citizens and PRs with a valid Singapore mailing address (No PO Box)
  • Only one winner per household. Duplicate Winners of a similar giveaway on other websites may be disqualify. The final decision will be made by the sponsors.
  • Prize are subject to change and fulfillment by the sponsor. Winners are not allowed to change the prizes or exchange them for cash. Prizes are not meant to be sold or transferable.
  • Thewackyduo.com is not liable for the prizes indicated including the experience and the event of default by the sponsors.
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  1. Wishing our Nation unity as we work together to build a better tomorrow! Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!

  2. Wishing resiliency and harmony for Singapore!

  3. Happy 52th National Day. Wish our country have peaceful, harmony, united and prosperity years......

    Since having balloting system via online, I have yet to have a chance to win tickets and bring my family along. May luck fall on me this time. Thank you.

    FB : Zhen Hui Koh

  4. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore!
    Hope to celebrate the nation's birthday with my loved ones.
    Hope to win!

    Liked and Shared.
    Facebook Name: Alvin SP Koe

  5. Happy 52nd Birthday, Singapore!
    Wishing our Singapore to stay united, harmony and strong!
    Facebook - Mong Yen

  6. Wishing a happy birthday to singapore! We have really come a very long way.. hope that we will continue to be united and prosper!

  7. It's 52 years young Singapore. Many more wonderful and peaceful years to come. I am always proud to tell others I am a Singaporean.

  8. Happy birthday Singapore! May you continue to prosper and be a safe place for its citizens! FB Jaime Chan

  9. Dear Singapore, we wish you a very Happy 52nd Birthday! Let us stand united and keep Singapore harmonious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! 🇸🇬

  10. Happy 52nd Birrhday, Singapore! One year older, one year wiser! Let's continue to work together to bring Singapore to greater heights, making Singapore a clean & green country as well as a safe & peaceful country! May all Singaporeans stay united as one to protect our country! 😍🙆

    Liked shared! 💓
    (FB: XinYun Peh)

  11. Happy birthday to the place we call home. Being away for three years has made me treasure Singapore so much more, and it's always a delight to show my children the gems of our country and see them stand proud as Singaporeans. May Singapore always remain harmonious, strong, united and peaceful.
    Facebook account: Koh Jiaying

  12. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore. Singapore is always our Pride and live example of possibilities with proper planning and application. Hope Singapore is always bless with peace and harmony and nationals who explore their dreams to make it more and more better place to be. Txs for an awesome opportunity to live our dream enjoying the moment of pride and celebration.
    Fb.. HritiAsh Jain

  13. Happy 52th birthday, Singapore! I wish that Singapre will continue to grow and be a better place for everyone.

  14. Hope to have a chance to bring my family to catch the once in a year big event!!

    Facebook: Sharon Ng

  15. Happy 52nd birthday to Singapore.Wish Singapore remains as a strong,united and prosperous country!

  16. Happy Birthday Singapore!!!! May you be always propserous!!!

    FB: Lawrence Oen

  17. Happy 52nd Birthday , my Home Singapore ! Stay safe , secure & propserous as always !

    FB : Alice Jun

  18. May peace reign in this land!

    Robert, Robert_sim@yahoo.com

  19. Happy birthday Singapore! May you be healthy, stay safe and be diversified!

  20. Happy Birthday Singapore!! May happiness always fill the air of the country and have a prosperous economy!
    FB: Zhen Yun

  21. Look forward to many more wonderful years ahead with Singapore

  22. Dear Singapore..
    Happy 52nd birthday..
    May you be as prosperous as ever and may you have glory on your birthday..

  23. Happy blessed 52th birthday singapore! May this little red dot a peaceful and safe country always!

    Fb: celin AC

  24. Happy Birthday Singapore!
    Wishing you continue to shine like a ruby and sparkle as bright as a star.

    FB: Audrey Soh

  25. Happy Birthday Singapore!
    May you continue to shine like a ruby and sparkle as bright as a star... Peace!

    Fb: Audrey Soh

  26. Happy Blessed 52th Birthday Singapore! Wishing you peace, prosperity and harmonious.

  27. Happy 52th Birthday Singapore!

  28. Happy 52th Birthday Singapore!

  29. Happy Birthday Singapore! Wishing you prosper always. I love you!

  30. Dear Singapore, we wish you a very Happy 52nd Birthday! Let us stand united and keep Singapore harmonious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! 🇸🇬
    FB: Rebecca Sim

  31. Happy 52th birthday Singapore!
    May everyone be healthy n filled with prosperity

  32. Singapore will be 52 years old on this coming 9th August 2017. On this day in 1966, our country marked the 1st anniversary of independence when we celebrated our 1st NDP in the Padang reviewed by our former late President Yusof Ishak. This year we will be celebrating our birthday at the Float at the Bay after 2 years break.
    Singapore identify makes us unique from others as having a red passport bearing our Singapore crest. It reminds us no matter where we are even aboard, we are representing Singapore. We are bringing an identify to others that we are Singaporeans.
    The past 52 years though tough challenges we had survived from the days where our forefathers build our nation from scratch till we have today. Our country has evolve from the kampong days to staying in housing & private estates. We also have our own NEWater, our unique Singapore slang of Singlish. Not forgetting our very own icon tower in Changi Airport. From the first airport in Selatar Airport till today we have expanded from 3 terminals to the future Terminal 4 & 5.
    We have different races (Chinese, Malay, Indian) staying in harmony and equal opportunities for everyone. Every year on 21 July, we celebrate Racial Harmony Day. This is to commemorate the 1964 Race Riots which took place on 21 July 1964.
    In schools, students are encouraged to be dressed in their traditional costumes such as the Cheongsam, the Baju Kurung and Pudavai or Veshti. Traditional delicacies are also featured in the celebrations. It is a day for schools to reflect on the past and celebrate our country’s success as success as a racially harmonious nation and society built on a rich diversity of culture and heritage. There were be Traditional games such as 5 Stones and zero point, that were played in schools. Not forgetting our wide variety of foods such as Chicken Rice, Roti Prata, Mee Siam and many more. Many foreigners will specially travel down to Singapore from far to have a taste of our local dishes.
    I am proud to be a Singaporean. We have an strong defence team from the home team such as Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defence Force, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and military such as The Singapore Army, The Republic of Singapore Air Force and Republic of Singapore Navy who keep our country safe and secure 24hours 365 days. From an empty land in Marina Bay Singapore to having our first floating platform which hosted many events such as National Day Parade, Military Passing Out Parade, international sports ceremony such as Youth Olympics2010.

    This year we also celebrate 50 years of national service as we salute to all past and present servicemen for their contributions towards National Service in defending our country.

    Thank you to our founding prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his ministers, our pioneer generations for all your hard work in our nation building which create a vibrant Singapore for all to enjoy, work and live in.
    Once a lifetime, it will be regrettable being a Singaporean not able to catch the parade ‘live’ and celebrate the nation birthday with everyone.

    I wished Singapore a Happy 52th Birthday on this joyful occasion. May you prosper and advance with greater horizons. Majulah Singapura!
    祝福新加坡52岁生日快乐,国泰平安,欣欣向荣,让我门一起团结建设一个繁荣与幸福的国家Majulah Singapura!前进吧!新加坡!

    Hope to win a pair of preview tickets / fun packs to celebrate our nation 52th birthday with my family as I had not been able to ballot a pair of tickets successfully to watch the parade ‘Live’ from the marina bay floating platform. May my wishes come true.

    FB: Yeo Dgr

  33. Happy 52th Birthday Singapore.Wishes our country have peaceful, harmony, united and prosperity years ahead.

    FB : Eugenia Sin

  34. Happy 52nd birthday Singapore! Be bless with peace, harmonious and prosperity!

  35. ����������������
    FB : Stelia Lee

  36. Though I may not have 52 wishes for the country, I do hope for a l-o-v-a-b-l-e Singapore.
    Happy Birthday Singapura!
    FB: Ajeek Syasya

  37. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore. May you continue to grow in peace and prosperity!

    Name/ FB: Fion Teo

  38. Happy Birthday Singapore!!!
    Fb: Jaslyn Chong

  39. Happy 52th Birthday Singapore. May my beloved country continue to be peaceful, united and prosperous for many many years !

    FB : Koh peng jek

  40. Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore! We have come thus far! Can't wait to celebrate the greatest national event!

  41. FB: luah moi kee

    Happy 52nd birthday Singapore! My forever Home!
    May you be strong and prosperous always!

  42. Happy 52nd Birthday, Singapore!!!!!!!!!!! Stay strong, stay healthy and stay happy always!

    My FB: Andy Neo

  43. Name/FB L lavender teo

    Happy Birthday Singapore!!!! May you be always strong and prosperous!!!

  44. Happy 52nd Birthday to Singapore ! I wish for peace and harmony for Singapore. I wish our country will grow stronger and prosper in every aspect. I love Singapore and I'm proud to be a Singaporean!

    Facebook : Esther Kam


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