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Diggersite @ Suntec City Roadshow

Diggersite@ Suntec City
Excavator activities in a shopping mall???

Since our favourite excavator playground  - Diggersite, closed down in East Coast Park, we had been missing the mini diggers. Diggersite had reopened in Yishun, but it was a tad far for us to explore. Thankfully, they were having a roadshow at Suntec City, and we eagerly made our way there to explore.
Diggersite has rented a shop unit and managed to get not one, not two but up to 5 mini excavators for you to try out. These excavators offer different activities that the little ones can experience. Compared to the East Coast site, there are MORE activities in this little excavator playground.

Put on your safety hat, and time to start digging.

Wrecking Ball
Wrecking ball @ Diggersite

Located at the entrance, you are supposed to use the wrecking ball to hit all the tins down. Easier than it looks, as it requires good hand-eye coordination.

Mini Log station
Mini Log Station
Pick up a log and use it to hit the bottles down. It's like bowling with records!

Ball Pit
Ball Pit @ Diggersite
If you are a fan of UFO Catcher, you will love this. Catch a ball using UFO catcher-like claws and place them in the tyres.

The primary purpose of an excavator is to dig. Experience operating a real excavator using this mini digger from Diggersite. Using the same movements as actual excavators, it is as close to the real thing as it gets.

Tower Crane
Tower Crane @ Diggersite

The Tower Crane is new to Diggersite. It uses magnets to lift the metal block from one area to the next. It's more complicated than it looks!

Sand Pit

Diggersite is recommended for kids aged 3 and up. For toddlers, you can experience Sand play on-site with a toy excavator instead. We spotted this Sand Treatment Certificate to certify that the Sand is treated and safe for kids.

Other activities include making your own wooden structure. Choose from F1 cars to different designs. This would cause extra to play.

Diggersite @Suntec City is a roadshow and not a permanent fixture in the mall. However, the staff informed us they should be around for a couple of months. Entry is $18 per entry for 3 tokens (1 token, 1 ride) and sand play for 1 hour. Compared to East Coast, the time for each ride is much longer, making it a better deal for kids. For the record, adults can play too!

Membership is at $50 and includes 10 tokens. It could be used in all branches (Yishun, Jcube and Suntec City.  We heard the latest one in Yishun is multiple times bigger and is located outdoors. We will visit it soon!

Billed as an edutainment centre, we recommend Diggersite for kids looking for a different kind of play in Singapore. The Diggers will test the little ones' psycho-motor skills.

Our verdict: Awesome!

Suntec City
#02-734 (Next to Mcdonald's)

TWD was invited to review Diggersite Suntec. Of course, all opinions are our own.

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