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Keeping the pressure off : Omron Smart Elite+ HEM-7600T Review + Giveaway

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol are synonymous with Singaporeans age 35 and over.

It is hardly surprising given the level of stress we face at work or home. The rich diet does not help either in this case. Personally, I had been diagnosed with both when I was just 36 and had to change my lifestyle and diet to bring the numbers down. 

For the level of cholesterol, it would be difficult to measure as you would need to test for it. As for the silent yet deadly accomplice,  using a blood pressure monitor would mean you can read your pressure on the spot. With one in four adults(23.5 per cent)  here diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is one you need to monitor consistently.

What does the number mean?

Blood Pressure is measured with 2 numbers. The number on top (systolic) and the one on the bottom (diastolic) is similar to a fraction. Reading could be something like 115/75. The top number refers to the amount of pressure in your arteries during contraction of heart muscle while the bottom refers to your blood pressure when your heart muscle is between beats.

High blood pressure increases your risk of stroke and heart disease. Starting from the prehypertension stage, you need to monitor your blood pressure closely to ensure it stays within range or seeks medical advice if it deviates. On the flip side, if your pressure is too low, it will lead to hypotension and can be dangerous as your body is not supplying your heart and body with enough oxygenated blood.
Old Omron Blood Pressure Device

Blood pressure is normally measured off a blood pressure machine. Personally, I owned an Omron machine and it should be a familiar sight for people monitoring blood pressure. Using a device like this means you have to deal with wires and tubes that may be incorrectly fitted. As one who had been using one of this machine, it was not an easy task to do a measurement by yourself especially when it comes to the attachment of the tube to the arm.
Omron Smart Elite+ Hem-7600T
Omron Smart Elite+ HEM-7600T revolutionize Blood Pressure monitoring.  Redesigning how blood pressure should be monitored, it takes an accurate reading in any position around the upper arm and even tracks progress via smartphone so you can keep a record . If I had this before my diagnosis, I would probably catch the medical issue at an earlier stage. For the record, I was diagnosed with a reading of 140/92 that puts me on High Blood Pressures (Hypertension) Stage 1!
Hypertension Stage 1

Let's see how the new Omron Smart Elite + can address this issue of early detection.

New Vs Old
The Omron Smart Elite + comes in a revolutionary design. The familiar square reader with a tube and pouch attached is replaced with a sleek one-piece device. There are no more tubes connected. Instead, you have a cylinder shaped device that you slip your arm in. Readings are now on the device. A very convenient way to take your readings anytime and anywhere.

The new Omron Smart Elite+ is made in Japan.
cylinder shape


  • No tubes or wires in this all in one monitor.

Simply press start and it starts to monitor and send the data to your phone. As someone who needs regular monitoring, the ease of use would make me stick with the routine as it takes seconds to set up, compared to the old method. 

  • The Intelli wrap cuff makes for an easy and accurate reading

  • -Uses Intellisense Technology to inflate the cuff to the ideal level for each use

No more second-guessing if it is placed correctly. You are assured of accurate readings each and every time. An a cuff wrap guide to indicate if the cuff is wrapped correctly also helps to ensure accuracy. It is also clinically validated and had been tested to prove its reliability under vigorous testing.

  • It is more than just a Blood Pressure Monitor.
There is an irregular heartbeat detection build in. You can now measure blood pressure and detect irregular heartbeat.

  • Smart Features  
Smart FEatures

You can use the Omron connect the app to access it anytime and monitor your progress. The app is available for IOS and Android. Record, view and manage the health data to monitor your health vitals at a glance.
Smart Features

What's inside the box?
Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, instruction manual, storage case, battery set, set-up instructions for Omron Connect.

Should you get one?
I was only 36 when I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. It is never too early to get one to monitor your health. In Singapore's stressful environment, it is always good to be prepared than sorry. Omron has been a market leader of home healthcare products with experiences in Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers, Neutralizers, Body Fat Analyzers and more. Getting a blood pressure monitor from them is a peace of mind for quality assurance.

The Omron Smart Elite+ is now available at for a retail price of $ 219. It is currently retailing at leading electronic department stores and pharmacies. You can also purchase it online at Omron Official E-Store via Q0010.

Smart Elite is retailing for $138 at Qoo10 (valid for one week till 4 March 2359). 

Winner announced

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TWD was provided with a unit for review purpose. All opinion are of our own.


  1. The coupon code OMRON1200 is not working.

    1. It is on sale at $139 till 4 March at Qoo10. Click above for link!

  2. I just received my Omron HEM-7600T and there is no storage case in the box. Your review unit might be special unlike the retail units. Just wanna let the readers know so that they won't be disappointed.

    1. HI , I am not sure what you meant by storage case, we do not have one as well. Just the box and the unit as shown in the picture.


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