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Marvel Studios : Ten Years of Heroes Exhibitiion @ Artscience Museum

It's here

Marvel Studios : Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition will be open to public from June 9 to 30 September  at Artscience Museum.

This exhibition brings the Superheros from Marvel to your doorstep to experience the world of Marvel Studios that span over 18 films over the last 10 years!

Enter the Exhibit and come face to face with the wall of movies that had been launched over the decade. It is amazing just thinking how these 18 films are inter-related and culminated to Avengers: Infinity War. Mind boggling just to think about it.

For the exhibition, you would be brought to different worlds in the Marvel Universe. Here is a peek at what to expect

Iron Man

The first Avenger on screen that kicked of the Marvel Movie franchise. Here see how the Iron Man suit changes before your eyes. If that is not enough, the giant size Ironman will put the Hulkbuster in shame.
Giant Ironman

Captain America

Discover the story of the real First Avenger. Don't forget to check out the Helicarrier,


Who is the strongest Avenger?
Thor or Hulk

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy chamber features a few interactive stations. Have a dance off with Groot or listen to the Awesome Mix Vol 1

Doctor Strange

Get your hand on the time stone before Thanos does!

Walk through the wacky world of Dr Strange or conjure up magic on your own.

Black Panther

Wakanda Forever

Enuff said.

Ant Man and the Wasp

Can you spot the Ant Man?

Avengers : Infinity War

Discover the history behind the Infinity Stones and take on Thanos if you dare.

Before you leave, catch a quick movie on the last decade of Marvel Magic. Don't forget to take a photo of the cast at the end of the exhibits

Do bring along you wallet as the merchandise would be irresistible to the geek in us.

The exhibits will lure the fans. for a decade, it does seem that there could be more to it. Tickets are price at $19 per adult and $14 for student. Family tickets at $45. If you book by today (June 8), you can get an additional discount of 25%.

Marvel Studios : Ten Years of Heros Exhibition
Venue : ArtScience Museum
9 June to 30 September

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