Doob Bean Bag Review : Why a Doob Plopsta should be in every kid's bedroom

Doob Beanbag is perfect for the kids' room

If you ever thought of getting a beanbag for the room. Don't hesitate... it is worth the investment. A tradition beanbag would provide you with a seating area. A Doob Plopsta'... well that is an on a whole different level altogether.

Child-Friendly Material 
Doob Plopsta'

The Doob Plopsta' is made of Polyester with PU undercoat. The material is Water Resistant and Spill Proof. That means a longer lifespan as drinks would not affect the material. Each Plopsta' is a double layer. This helps to keep the beans in even if the outer layer is opened so there is no chance of a messy situation.

The other layer is also removable should you need to give the Plopsta' a wash. Keeping it fresh and clean when necessary.

Many Ways to Doob
The main reason why we chose the Doob Plopsta' is due to its versatility. Compared to a standard beanbag. There are plenty of ways to use the Doob Plopsta' . We decided to opt for the larger size as it will be more comfortable for both child and adult.

The Saddle
The Saddle
Our favourite position for Doob. Lay the Plopsta' on the long side and just seat in the middle. You can also use one end to place your Laptop for easy viewing.

The Armchair
The Armchair
You do not need a chair when you have the Plopsta' Armchair. Make the Plopsta stand on the short side, grab the sides and wriggle yourself in.

The Lounger
The Lounger
Just want to relax? Place the Plopsta' upright on the long side, turn it and just sit on it to lounge.

The Throne
The Throne
A seat fit for a king. Place your Plopsta' upright on the short side, turn it to the side and wriggle the royal butt on the Throne.

The Sofa
The Sofa
The Plopsta' can even seat 2!
Place upright on the long side and

The Mattress
The Mattress
One good thing about the large size Plopsta' is that it can be the extra mattress you need if you have guest over. Perfect for kids!

Free Top Up

If you get a bean bag, you might get worried that the bean bag may not be as taut as new after continuous use. No need to worry about that with Doob as they provide a Free Top Up when you feel that your bean bag need a refresher!

The Wacky Duo x Doob
You could even personalise the Doob with your name embroidered on it. If you are looking for a birthday or house warming gift, this would be a great option to consider.

Looks great anywhere

It does not matter if you want to have a Doob in your bedroom or your living room, the Doob Plopsta looks great everywhere. With a wide selection of colours to choose from (we counted 23), you could opt for one colour or two-tone bean bag to match your decor.

After having the Doob Plopsta' for a few weeks, we are head over heels for Doob.

With a wide variety of designs to choose from. You are sure to find a Doob to suit you. Head down to Doob Website to check out why your butt deserves better!

Get your Doob here!

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The Doob Plopsta' was provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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