Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses : Protect your eyes and sleep better

Do you look at your phones before you sleep?

In a recent survey, Singaporeans are rank 2nd overall in terms of lack of sleep. Alot of such cases could be attributed to the use phones or computers before sleep. As blue light is emitted from these devices, the exposure to it would be detrimental to sleep.
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Studies had shown that Blue Light exposure suppress delta brainwaves which induce sleep and even boost alpha wavelengths that create alertness. Furthermore continuous exposure to blue light over time can cause retinal damage and macular degeneration. The bad news is that children are already exposed to Blue Light via early usage of these devices. This may lead to eyesight deterioration at a much faster rate in the future.

To protect one's eye, it is recommended to get a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses.  For those working in office and spend several hours a day looking at the computer screen, it is be essential to get one to protect the eyes.

Swannie Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Swanwick fit the bill in protecting the eyes. These lightweight and stylish glasses are tested to block over 99% of blue light up to 490nm and over 98% up to 500nm. With options for both kids and adults, it will be easy to find one that fits you.

Swannies in action
Why a Swannie?

The Swannie night glasses are orange tinted and are meant for night use. It would take a little use to wearing it as it is orange tinted. When tested while reading from the phone, it does relax your eyes and provided a good night rest. Compared to cheaper glasses. Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed and manufactured to block the full spectrum blue light by combing a specific colored tint with special AR coating to effectively block blue light. The cheaper versions are mostly just orange tinted and not effective in blocking blue light.

Read better with Swannie
How to use the Swannie?

Put on the Swannie at least 1 hour before bedtime continuously and not take them off until all lights have been turned off for it to be effective. After a week use with Swannie,  I found it effective to wear the Swannie when I am working on the computers at night. The benefits was a reduction in eye strains and a better rested sleep for me.

Swannies Glasses in various styles and sizes
Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses comes in various style and sizes. Choose from classic to crystal to aviator collection. The glasses comes in regular, small and kids sizes as well. There is also the clear version of Swannies for day use. The Swannies retails at US$ 59 ($80) for kids and from US$69 ($95)  for adults *

You can get your glasses here

For long term protection for both kids and adults, we do recommend Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses  for your use. Do it sooner rather than later to protect your eyes today.

*Price right as of Dec 2018


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TWD was provided Swannies glasses for review and giveaway. All Opinions are of our own

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