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Uncle Ringo Kindness Carnival @ Beauty World : Rides and Carnival Games Review

Uncle Ringo is back at Beauty World MRT.

At some stage of childhood, most of us would have been to an Uncle Ringo Carnival. A household name since 1984, Uncle Ringo has been providing entertainment to families with their old school fun-fair and carnival games. It has been a tradition that parents would be happy to indulge their young kids with. After all, having fun is always a good excuse to have family bonding time in our dictionary.

This time around, Uncle Ringo will be kicking off CNY at Beauty World with the Kindness Carnival.
Uncle Ringo adopted this theme to spread the message of kindness to all Singaporeans. Supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement. Expect to see Singa the Lion makes an appearance during the carnival. 

We headed to the carnival and had a go at the rides and games. Here is what you can expect from the Carnival.

There are more than a dozen rides you can enjoy at the Kindness Carnival. From child-friendly carousel to the fast pace meteorite, there are rides for both young and old.
Bumper Cars
Best of all, get on a parent-child ride and enjoy the special moment together.

Rides cost between $5 to $ 10. A small price to pay for a dose of fun. Some of the rides available on Kindness Carnival

  • Meteorite
  • Bumper Car
  • Water Balls
  • F1 Bike
  • Slide
  • Big Carousel
  • Water Boat
  • Teacup
  • Viking

Mini Viking


Who does not like a carnival game?

Pitting your skills against the games is something all ages can enjoy. If you are good, you might even win a prize.

Games are at $5 each. There are skill-based games and luck-based games.

If you are heading there with younger kids, the luck base games would be great as it usually mean a guaranteed prize. This would surely put a  smile on any child's face
Here are some of the games you can enjoy at the carnival

-Toss Rings
-Hook a Bag
-3D Shooting Gallery
-Dart Ballon
-Goblet Cup
-High Score Roller
-Ping Pong Float
-Pyramid Cans
-Bowling Game

The games are relatively easy to play and great for kids!


The carnival is made a little extra special with the theme The Kindness Carnival

Collaborating with the Singapore Kindness Movement, there are activities lined up to promote this theme. Enjoy the free keychain making and paint a Singa for a token sum.

Kindness signs are also found throughout the park to spread the message of graciousness throughout this festive carnival.


There will be a daily performance on stage featuring local acts to entertain you during the carnival

Food are also available at the carnival. Try the Chinese homemade treats or  Kebabs found there.

A special thanks to Mr Lee - aka Uncle Ringo and his dedicated team for the opportunity to work with TWD. We are glad to mention that TWD is an official supporter of Uncle Ringo Kindness Carnival!

Uncle Ringo Kindness carnival will be held at Beauty World's MRT open field from 27 Jan to 17 Feb. The event starts at 6pm on weekdays and 530 pm on weekends.

TWD was appointed as a supporter of Uncle Ringo Kindness carnival. All opinions are of our own.

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