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SRT Gretel and Hansel : A tale of siblings for siblings

Do you have siblings at home?

The Wacky Duo has not always been the best of pals. In the beginning, it took a while for the older sibling to warm up to the little one. With all attention only on 1 child for the past 4 years, having a sibling changes the whole dynamics in the family. Like Gretel and Hansel, sibling rivalry was a daily occurrence in the family.

Gretel and Hansel is a new production by Singapore RepertoryTheatre that takes a different twist. It is a play about the story of Hansel and Gretel told in the form of a story.  So instead of the usual story about two siblings left in the forest who survived and outsmarted a wicked witch, you get to know the story from the sibling’s perspective as retold by the siblings themselves. This beloved Brothers Grimm tale is re-imagined into a play about sibling rivalry. With SRT at the helm, you can be assured that it will be a refreshing twist to a well known story.

Source: SRT

Through this retelling of a popular tale, you get to experience the feelings of each sibling. Sibling Rivalry is apparent in this tale with Gretel (the elder child) being irritated by her younger brother. Things come to broil when she harbours thoughts about cooking her brother for the evil witch!

Thank goodness, senses prevail at the end of the show.
Source: SRT
There are only 2 actors in the play, Tia Andrea Guttenohn plays a conflicted elder sister that both despise and love her brother at the same time. Her stage presence and expressions fit the role perfectly. Joshua Lim who plays Hansel gives a convincing performance of Hansel, the boy who loves his sister wholeheartedly without a whiff of knowledge about her sister jealously. The other characters are cleverly played out using shadows and props.

The Wacky Duo can identify with this play, given a similar scenario was played out at home. The boys may be constantly bickering during the day, but at the end of the day, they are like the best of pals, knowing that they have each other’s back for life. Gretel and Hansel is the perfect play to bring children with siblings to see and reflect on their own relationship.  Hopefully, at the end of it, everyone can live happily ever after.

Another interesting point is that SRT provides access performances to cater to groups of children that will benefit from the added performances. The show we attended has Signed performances where an interpreter will sign all auditory elements of the show using Singapore Sign Language. In addition, there are an audio-described performance for the blind or visually impaired (7 Apr 2 pm) and Relaxed Performance for those on Autistic spectrum, living with Dementia and diverse learning and communication needs (14 Apr 2 pm). We think it is great that SRT had purposefully catered their performance to all walks of life.

Gretel and Hansel will be showing at KC Arts Centre – Home of SRT from 13 March to 26 Apr. Recommended for age 4 and up.

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