Jewel Canopy Park opens on 10 June and it is Crazy Expensive!+ How to save from Klook!

Jewel Canopy Park opens June 10.

This much-awaited massive 14,000 sqm Canopy Park has 8 attractions and a partially glass-bottomed bridge. The attractions include Manulife Sky Nets, Discovery Slides, Mirror Maze and Hedge Maze.

Unfortunately, it is not free to enter. Entrance for Singapore residents cost $4.50 per person. Standard Rate is at $5. This allows you access to 4 free attractions and 5 attractions with an extra fee. Access to various attractions ranges from $7.20 to $19.80. It's a bummer especially if you intend to visit with your children. 

Included in Admission

Let's check out what admission rates offer. The following activities are included in your admission tickets.

1 Discovery Slides
Discovery Slides @ Jewel Changi Airport

The discovery slides is made up of four slides. It had heights ranging from 3m to 7m. This 4 in 1 slide is an art sculpture, a playscape, slides and even has a 6.5m platform that gives you a birds-eye view of the HSBC Rain Vortex and Shiseido Forest Valley,
Source: Jewel Changi Airport

2 Froggy Bowls
Source: Jewel Changi Airport

Play among the clouds in these 4 froggy bowls. It is best to wear covered shoes for this one.

3 Topiary Walk
Topiary Walk @ Jewel Changi Airport
Take a walk at a whimsical wonderland and see how many animals you can spot. There are elephants, chameleon, orangutans and more
Topiary Walk @ Jewel Changi Airport

4 Petal Gardens
Petal Gardens will have seasonal displays of flowers and comes complimentary with the admission
Petal Gardens @ Jewel Changi Airport

Pay Extra to Play

The 5 other attractions come with a price if you would like to experience it.

1 Manulife Sky Nets - Walking
Singapore Residents - Adult $13.50 | Child $9
Standard Rates - Adult $15 | Child/Senior $10
Manulife Skynets@ Jewel Changi Airport
The walking sky nets are 50 meters long. At 25 meters above the ground, it is a steady walk. The nets can hold up to 1000 people at once!

2 Manulife Skynets- Bouncing
Singapore Residents - Adult $19.8 | Child/Senior $14.4
Standard Rates - Adult SGD 22 | Child/Senior $16
Manulife Skynets@ Jewel Changi Airport
 Experience weightless as you bounce on this giant nets. It's 250 meters long and guarantees a workout. At 8m above Canopy Park, you would feel like you can touch the sky.

3  Hedge Maze
Singapore Residents - Adult $10.8 |  Child/Senior $8
Standard Rates - Adult $ 12 | Child/Senior $8
Hedge Maze @ Jewel Changi Airport
As if getting lost in the gigantic Jewel is not a challenge enough, there is the hedge maze for you to get lost too. Reach the watchtower and you will be treated with a view of the maze's intricate windings.

4 Mirror Maze
Singapore Residents - Adult $13.5 |  Child/Senior $9
Standard Rates - Adult $ 15 | Child/Senior $10
Mirror Maze @ Jewel Changi Airport

The 'Lost' theme continues with the Mirror Maze. Figure your way out if you can.

5 Canopy Bridge
Singapore Residents - Adult $13.5 |  Child/Senior $9
Standard Rates - Adult $ 15 | Child/Senior $10

Canopy Bridge @ Jewel Changi Airport

Last but not least, walk through the canopy bridge. Suspended 23 meters above ground, you will get to walk through a glass-bottom in the middle of the bridge. Not for the acrophobia.

The Canopy park opens from 9am-3pm daily. However, each individual attractions have different opening hours. Do refer to Jewel Changi Airport website for updates.

The best way to experience the Canopy Park is to do everything at one go. Here is the bundle price for Canopy Park. It will cost $186 for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) under the bundled price. It's a more palatable but not exactly spare change in the pocket.


If you would like to have a go at it, you might want to take the bundled package from Klook They offered more pricing choice for selected attractions with prices starting from $4.50

You can get your tickets from Klook here

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