Mcdonald's S'pore new Spicy Nuggets, Curry Sauce Bottle, French Onion Shaker fries, Kit Kat Mcflurry and Sweet Potato cone

Spicy Chicken McNuggets will return on 30th May at Mcdonald's.

There will be five additional items on the menu to entice fast food lovers. The five items are the returning Spicy McNuggets and Curry Sauce Bottles plus 3 new items - French Onion Shaker Fries, Kit Kat McFlurry and Purple Sweer Potato Waffle Cone.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets
Image Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore
Headlining the launch would be the Spicy Chicken McNuggets. The McNuggets are available in 6, 9 or 20 pieces at $4,85,$6,40 and $12,50 respectively.

Curry Sauce in a bottle
Image Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore

The hit of this new launch could possibly be the Curry Sauce Bottle. Curry sauce has a special place in the local's heart, To be able to purchase a bottle to use at home would be a godsend to many. Each bottle cost $5.50 and customers can purchase a maximum of 4 bottles with every purchase of Spicy McNuggets.

Mcdonald's has also kindly shown how you can enjoy your curry sauce at home.

Image Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore

French Onion Shaker Fries
Image Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore

Upsize your extra value meal for $0.70 to get the French Onion Shaker Fries while stock last.

Kit Kat McFlurry

Image Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore

A new dessert is introduced into the mix. The Kit Kat McFlurry is a mix of vanilla soft-serve with chocolate sauce and crunchy Kit Kat. Available at $3.10 at all outlets dessert kiosks while stock last.

Purple Sweet Potato Cone
Image Credit: Mcdonald's Singapore

Another addition to the desert section would be the funky Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone. It is only available at dessert kiosks at $2 each.

All the items are on a while stock last basis. Get it while you can!

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