Pullman Bunker Bay Resort Margaret River Review

 Which hotel to choose when you are at Margaret River?

If you are heading to Margaret River and would like to stay in a place that has a touch of class  , Pullman Bunker Bay would make an excellent choice.

After extensive research for the right place to stay at Margaret River during our last self drive adventure at Margaret River, we decided to stay at Pullman Bunker Bay resort. With a price of about SGD 500 per night, it includes breakfast for a 2 bedroom option. Considering the exclusivity of the hotel, it is a steal at that rate.

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 Checking In  
Pullman Bunker Bay
We drove straight from Perth airport to Pullman Bunkers Bay Resort. A straight drive without any stops would have taken you about 3 hours. We only recommend it if you are taking the morning flight into Perth to plan for a drive to the hotel. The Hotel itself is located near the tip of Margaret River along the road towards Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.

The lobby
Checking in was a breeze. With complimentary parking on site, you need not worry about finding a space to park.

Room 421

The Room 
2 room villa
We booked the 2 room villa for our stay. To get to the villa, we took a buggy as it was quite a distance from the lobby. There are 150 spacious bunglow style villas nestled on 35 acres of lush landscape.

 We loved how its quaint appearance from the outside. It looks like a tiny little house.
Pullman Bunker bay interior
Stepping in the villa, you will be greeted with high cathedral ceilings. With an open concept, you have the dining room, kitchenette and living room all in sight.
Full size kitchenette
Unlike a normal hotel, the Pullman Bunker Bay Resort comes with a full kitchenette. You could prepare your own meals there.

The living room is spacious to fit a 6 seater sofa. You could even sleep on it if you choose to.

Moving beyond the living room is a porch. It's not very big, but good enough for you to sip your tea or coffee while enjoying the morning breeze.

The bedrooms are of good size and fits a king bed. Both bedrooms rooms look similar in size and outloook.
Bathroom at Bunker Bay

The bathrooms are almost as big as the rooms itself. One come with a bathtub while the other one has a shower.
Bathroom at Bunker Bay
Amenities are provide as well.

In terms of size, this 82 sqm room is spacious and most suitable for families . If you are going as a couple, you might want to opt for the studio units instead. The studio units faces the pond giving it a tranquil feel.

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Studio rooms at Pullman Bunker Bay
The Beach

The nicest thing about Pullman Bunker Bay Resort is the direct access to Bunker Bay beach.

With only a handful of houses around it,  it is almost like a private beach.

The water there is great for surfers as we had seen a few surfers taking to the waves while we were there.

Surfer Paradise

You might even catch someone doing Yoga by the beach!

The best part about the beach is the sunrise. With nary an obstacle in sight, you get to see across the horizon and watch the sun popping out from it. It's an amazing sight that is not to be missed when you are there!
Sunrise over Bunker Bay
You would be glad to know that access to Pullman Bunker Bay is only for guests only, thus giving the exclusivity to this place.

The Resort Facilities 
Add caption
Other than the amazing beach, there are plenty to explore at the resort itself.

Our first stop was at 'Other Side of the Moon'.  In case you are wondering, we did not take a spaceship there. Rather, this restaurant  is the heart of Pullman Bunker Bay offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our package comes with breakfast and it was a hearty meal for you.

Breakfast at Pullman Bunker Bay

You can opt to dine indoors or outdoors. During winter, it may be better to head indoors as it can get quite chilly outdoors.
Al fresco dining
Nonetheless, if the weather is good, head outdoors. After all, with a view like this, who can resist?

Head a level down and you will reach the pool.

The pool is heated so you can enjoy it both during summer and winter.

If you need gym time, there is a small gym on site for your workout.
Gym @ Bunker Bay
After working out, you might want to relax at the inhouse spa Vie Spa.

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What's Nearby?

The best part about Pullman Bunker is the location. With plenty of places to explore within a half hour drive.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse
Cape Naturaliste
A 5 minute drive will take you to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. Do a lighthouse tour while you are there.

Ngilgi Caves
Nigili Caves
Nigili Caves is the first cave in Margaret River to open to public. Its a easy 15 minutes from Pullman

Sugarloaf Rock
Sugarloaf Rock
It may be just a rock, but it is a beautiful rock. It's only less than 10 minutes away from the hotel.

Canal Rocks
Canals Rocks
This is a more impressive rock formation,  See a canal between granite rocks chiseled by nature. It's an impressive sight. You can also take a 2 km scenic hike to Wyadup cliff.

Xscape at the Cape

An easy 20 minutes drive away is the Xscape at the Cape. This is like a mini theme park with playground, mini golf , trapezium and a shooting gallery for kids.

Simmo's Ice Creameary

When you are in Margaret River, you have to go to Simmo's for their world famous ice cream. Voted as one of the top 15 ice creams in the world, it would be a sin to miss. Besides that, there is a family fun park with mini golf there for families to take a break. Only 20 minutes away from the resort.

Wonky Windmill

Another attraction for Margaret River are the farms. Start with Wonky Windmill , located about 30 minutes away.

Country Life Farm

If you want somewhere nearer, head to Country Life Farm, an easy 15 minutes drive. This is more than a farm as it has indoor playground, rowing boats, bumper cars and more there.

Yallingup Maze

About 25 minutes away is the Yallingup Maze. This is probably the best maze you could find in Margaret River. Worth a visit.

Add caption
Lastly, head to Dunsborough, the nearest town to Pullman Bunker Bay. Here you could check out the restaurants, fill up gas , shop at the supermarkets and check out the surrounding shops. A good way to spend a quiet evening.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Pullman Bunker's Bay on your next visit to Margaret River. If you like to make a booking, you can book your room here.

Enjoy your stay!

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