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Haw Par Villa opens at night - Do you dare to visit?

Haw Par Villa officially opens its doors till 10 pm at night.

Haw Par Villa is one of our recommended 50 free things to do in Singapore. It has now extended its operating hours to 10 pm and best of all , it is still FREE!

Build in 1937 by Tiger Balm tycoon Aw Boon Haw, it is unofficially the first theme park in Singapore. Famous for its 1000 technicolour statues and dioramas, it is a place you bring naughty curious kids to educate them on an experience that is often best left unspoken.

10 Courts of Hell

Quoting a spokesman, the night hours will offer a 'surreal and enchanting (aka SCARY!) experience as night falls in Haw Par Villa ' There is even the Night Tour every Friday Night ( excluding Public Holidays) that will bring you through the infamous 10 courts of hell. You will learn how death stalked Aw Family, get a sneak preview of Hell's museum and see afterlife in a different light.

We dare you to take the tour at night. It's not free* for the tour , but it will be worth the experience for those who love to be spook!

Best time to go - Hungry Ghost Festival or Halloween...

* Adults $20, Child (7-12) $10 , 630 pm -830pm

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