Holey Moley - Singapore Wackiest Indoor Mini Golf

Welcome to Singapore's Wackies Golf Course - Holey Moley!

History of Holey Moley
Holey Moley
From the shores of Australia, Holey Moely is a mini golf course and bar that turns traditional putt putt into a multi-sensory labyrinth of unique holes that will keep you on your toes across the wackiest round of golf in your life.
Let's Putt
It is essentially mini golf but with fun crank up to 100. Designated as a bar, it is only open to kids under 18 before 5pm. There may be no live DJ, crazy cocktails during this time, but you are assured of hilarious pop-culture reference holes that will tingle and amaze you at every putt.
This is not a Gumball Machine!
Choose from playing 9 holes to 27 holes. Book a slot at Holey Moley  at you are ready to go!

Who's your Cabby?
Go before 5 pm and you get a good deal at $16++ per pax with a soft drink or house beer. There are more special rates during different days and a round of 9 can be played for as low as $10++ onwards.

5 reasons why you should have a family outing at Holey Moley
Grab Your Golf Card and start the fun!
1) Wackiest Holes -Guarantee a few hours of fun for kids and adults
Innovative putts!
There are a total of 27 holes spread over 3 different courses at Holey Moley

Zone 1 - Certified Kids Friendly

Located on the ground floor, this is the first course you will see.
The Wizard of Oz
Kids will find this familiar with references to The Wizard of Oz, Monopoly, Flinstones among others
You can also see local landmarks such as a giant Lego Marina Bay Sands and an upside down hawker center. The holes are relatively easy and straightforward to play here.
Marina  Bay Sands

Zone 2 :  Old School Zone
Putt to the Future
Further in, there is another 9 holes filled with old school reference. Adults will probably find it familiar with reference to Back to the Future, Willy Wonky and Bat out of hell. The shots here are a little more challenging as it requires some skill to pass through certain holes.

Willy Wonky
The best part about this is the last 3 holes set in a dark room. Here you will meet the Monster from Pac Man face to face. Prepare to defeat it!
Pac Man

Zone 3: Pop culture 

The Iron Throne
Holey Moley is in a 2 story shophouse. That means more space for fun.

Head upstairs and the fun continues. The most iconic hole would be The Iron Throne, A Throne made of golf clubs and inspired by Game of Thrones. If you always want to feel want it is like to sit on the iron throne, now is your chance!
Other than The Iron Throne, there are plenty of references to modern pop culture. Play the Nintendo hole or E.Tee . This 9 hole is one place you would love to spend your time soaking up all the pop culture reference.

E.Tee come home

2) Instagramable holes at every turn

Putt from Hell
With so many pop culture reference, it would be an understatement to declare Holey Moley as an Instagram friendly site.

3) Singapore's only indoor mini Golf 

With the soaring temperature in Singapore, Holey Moley makes the perfect location for families to have a little fun. Located indoors, it is a place for 'rain or shine'  family time. Being the only indoor miniature golf in Singapore, if you are looking to play a game of 9 holes indoor, this will be it!

4) Great location for a party

Looking for a different location for kids parties?

Let's Play
Holey Moley provides kids parties packages. You would get the function area to yourselves for 2 hours while enjoying 2 rounds of golf and food. Perfect for hosting parties for the little ones.

See here for party packages
We want to party here!

5) Family Fun!

Last but not least, a family that plays together , stays together. A game of mini golf would prove to be a hit among the adults and kids. It's a great way to bond and see who gets the green jacket after the game!

Green Jacket!

Check out how we spend our Golf Session at Holey Moley

Holely Moley 
3B River Valley Road 
Clark Quay

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