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New guidelines for sending a foreign domestic worker home

Sending a helper home?

Read this first .

It is not unusual to find families with helpers in Singapore. There will be times when the helper will end her contract and be send home. There may be occasions where you might need to send the domestic worker home early. In these cases, it may be  ambiguous who will be the one footing the bill for the airfare.

With that in mind, do take note of the new guidelines when it comes to sending a foreign domestic worker home
  1. Ensure helper has a valid passport
  2. Obtaining a direct air ticket to the international airport in her home country, nearest to her hometown.
  3. Paying for her ticket in full, including fees for check-in luggage.
  4. If there are no direct flights and a transit is necessary, you should give a reasonable amount of allowance for your helper to sustain herself during her transit..
  5. Employers and helpers are to discuss these arrangements before the ticket home is purchased.
  6. Departure date must be within 2 weeks of cancellation of work permit.
  7. Resolve  outstanding employment issues(e.g. salary) before helper leaves for country

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