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Play United @ Hougang Mall Review : Claw Catcher Haven

Welcome to Claw Catcher Supermarket.

What to play?

Play United is officially the King of Claw Machines in Singapore. With hundreds of machines in shops and Pasar Malam islandwide, there is no other with more machines than them in town!

Play United opens its 5th permanent Claw Machine Arcade in Hougang Mall. This is their 3rd new opening in just a short span of 2 months. The other 2 are in Tiong Bahru Plaza and Yew Tee Point . At this rate, they are going to have a store in every district in Singapore. The latest Play United takes up half a floor at Hougang Mall. 

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This is probably the biggest Play United in town. It may even be the largest dedicated Claw Catcher Arcade in Singapore. Play United said that there are 100 claw Machines on site. We did not count but we reckon that there are at least 60 machines there.


Compared to other claw machines we tried, Play United has the highest win rates. You would require both luck and skill to win. We won about 7 items from $50 spend, with wins ranging from one try to a few tries. So far in our arcade escapades, this was one of the highest win rates.
Catching Mario
The claws may not always be strong, but the placement of the toys made it very possible to win especially if they are placed above the barrier. Check out our youtube video on the gameplay

For the opening, if you do not catch a toy with $10 purchase, they would allow you to choose a toy from the machine to bring back. Quite a good deal!

Catch of the Day!

Prize Area

The plushies in the machines are a mix of generic toys and good quality copies of popular characters. In addition, you could catch them and exchange them for bigger plushies or authentic toys. The exchange rate starts from 5 plushies for one exchange. The bigger the item, the more you need to catch.

Change items such as big plushies, BTS goodies and anime figures.
BTS Goodies


Anime Figures
It's a great system as it allows you the entertainment of catching a toy while the ability to choose the toy or item you really want. The only downside is that there are no tags indicating how many plushies are required for exchange. If they can improve on the system with tags , it will make the experience more enjoyable.

If you could not change within the day, you could opt to exchange them for stickers and collect it to change for another day. From what we were told, there is no expiry on these redemption cards.

How much to Play?
$1 per Play
The best part, each play cost 1 token. The tokens cost $1 per token. If you purchase 10, you get 2 free. If you purchase 50, you get 10 free plus a mid size plushie or town. This means the net cost for 1 play could be as low as $0.83 plus a FREE toy!

Where to play?

Play United
Hougang Mall
Level 5

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  1. where can I contact play united?

  2. It's getting increasingly tough to win prizes at Play United Claw Machines.

    My friends and I are regulars at Hougang Mall. It is not transparent with the toy exchange.

    The tag could read 12 to exchange and when we present 12 stickers to the staff, they would sometimes pretend to make calls and update that "oh our colleague tag wrongly - need 15 stickers to exchange for this item".

    They also chu pattern already.
    Nowadays they don't give you a toy of your choice if you don't get any prize from their rigged machines, instead, they bring you to a rack with some small older looking/faker looking toys and ask you to pick from that rack.

    Oh wells.

    Once the crowd starts coming in, they do this.

    Buai swee.

    1. Ouch. Should feedback to them on their fb page


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