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Latest Claw Catcher arcade in town - Play United Yew Tee Point

Are you a claw catcher fan?

Source: Play United facebook
Play United opens a new store today at Yew Tee Point #01-16. Opens daily from 10am -11pm, it will satisfy and claw catcher fans with its huge selection of crane games in one location. At 1800 sq feet with over 50 machines in one location, it is a haven for those looking to catch a toy.

If you do not know, Play United is famous as the king of claw machines at Pasar Malam. At the last Geylang Serai Bazaar, they had over 100 claw catcher machines on-site.!

Having been to their current location at Tiong Bahru Plaza as well as experience their machines at Geylang Serai Bazaar. we can attest that their toys are very catchable compared to other locations.

Source: Play United facebook

What's more, you can change your catches for bigger prizes should you wish to. Each Catcher is at $1 per pay and they would even give you a plushie if you do not catch a toy when you spend 10 tokens. For $ 20, you probably could get a few plushies to take home.

This is their 4th store in town. You can visit them at Tiong Bahru Plaza, Northpoint, old Boonlay Shopping Center and the new store at Yew Tee Point. 

For Pasar Malam, check out their crane carnival Pasar Malam at Punggol MRT and Tampines Central Cran Party till 30th June. They will be at the Pasar Malam at Bugis right in front of Bugis Hawker centre too from Saturday. 



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