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PSA : Fake $50 and $100 notes in circulation

If you think that your $50 and $100 notes look odd, read this.

Police had advised the public that there are fake $50 and $100 notes being used in stores between March and May.

Check your notes. if it has the following serial numbers, it may be counterfeit

$50 -0FF875629, 3DL273922, 4DZ985604, 5HS436415, 5LV797440, 5LP297324, 5CK878136 and 5JH230011

Telltale signs that a note may be fake
1) Lacks security features such as watermark and security thread
2) The fake notes have a simulated kinegram, which is an octagonal reflective foil, that is distinctively different from genuine notes
3) The surface of notes lacks 'embossed feel' , unlike genuine notes.

If you think you have a fake note, please report the nearest neighbourhood police. If you are receiving a fake note, call police immediately.


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