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Disney First 'Live Action' Chinese Princess - Mulan

Mulan is set to be a ground breaking movie for Disney

Princess has long been associated with Disney. Just visit Disneyland and you would see Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty greeting the crowds. That may change in the future with the This would official 'live-action' movie that will be featuring a Chinese Princess for the FIRST time!
Photo Credit : Sony
Mulan is scheduled to premiere on 2020.  Liu Yifei, born in Hubei China would play the lead role as Mulan and would cement her role in bringing Disney First Chinese Princess to life.

From the first look of the trailer, it does not feel like an Aladdin remake. Two main Disney components seem to be missing - Music and mythical creature. From the trailer, this looks like another Chinese martial arts film similar to the China version of Mulan. In addition, the Dragon Mushu does not appear in the trailer. Does it mean that Disney is abandoning its formula for Disney Princess movie?

Can't wait for the movie, here is a trailer to whet your appetite.

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