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MPH Singapore stores to close - Massive discounts for books!

Another one bites the dust

The book scene in Singapore is not doing too well. Ask yourself, other than children's textbooks and assessment books, when is the last time you bought a book to read?

If your answer is a long long time ago, you are probably the reason why book stores in Singapore are closing down. Following the footsteps of Boarders and Harries, MPH will be closing its last 2 stores in Raffles City and Parkway Parade on 28 July and 1st September respectively.

The store in Raffles had already begun to clear stocks at a massive discount of up to 50 %. The stock clearance for Parkway Parade would probably be announced next month.

There are talks that MPH might reopen as a single store but it has yet to confirm location. Let's hope that they are able to find a place suitable and keep the bookstore alive.  In the meantime, enjoy the discounts, grab a couple of books for your child to read.

Who knows?

After reading a few of such books, your child might be inspired to read their own novel. In that case, you would need free word count tools to help you keep track of their progression!

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