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ThinkCrate : Create and Code Projects + Giveaway

Are you ready for the future?

If you had followed the news, you would know that Singapore would be introducing coding classes to Upper Primary School students from 2020. Given the advancement and the reliance on technology, the introduction of coding at a young age is a welcome move. The earlier a child gets exposed to coding, the better this nation would be prepared for the next leap in technology.

What if you would like to let your child explore beyond the boundaries of the classroom?

You could opt for extra weekend classes or you could simply start with simple projects from ThinkCrate.

ThinkCrate was founded by Nullspace team in 2016. Nullspace was founded in Singapore in 2008 with the goal of providing technology education. It aims to transfer the knowledge of electronics hardware and programming through various projects. All the necessary information, step by step guide and compatible hardware will be provided in one box. The child who receives this box can start their learning journey by fixing up the project received.

There is a total of 8 projects available to purchase. They have difficulty ratings of Tier 1 to 3. With Tier 1 being the easiest to construct and Tier 3 requiring more experience.

The Building Experience - Planetarium ( Tier 3)
We managed to get a Tier 3 set - The Planetarium to kick off our foray into technology education. The set came neatly packed into a box.
Components of The Planetarium
The Planetarium is supposed to mimic a Galaxy revolving around you in the room. The set comes with step by step instructions that is provided on the online ThinkPortal. It is advisable to log into the ThinkPortal before attempting to fix the set, as instructions are provided online.
Get Started
There are 2 sets of instructions in the ThinkPortal. You have the PDF files that show how the wires are supposed to be set up in the system. In addition, you have videos that would guide you along. The instructions given in the video was clear enough to follow though it lacks audio. In most cases, using the video as a guide would suffice in the construction.

Male to Female
ThinkCrate projects are more suited for older children. We recommend these for age 10 and above. For the higher Tier projects, it would be better for 12 and above.
Assembling the wires do take precision.  One wrong connection and it may result in the inability to power it up. These would demand focus, so we do suggest to set up at least an hour or two to complete it. On a lighter note, we felt like Ironman when we tinker with the project.
The main brain - Arduino  
Along the way, the child would learn about the different parts of the system such as the difference in wires. They would realize that building a project requires patience. This exposure to electronics hardware would mean that they get to the bones of how electronics work. It is not as simple as just pressing the switch to on.
Power up with batteries
After about an hour, we managed to get the lights powered up.
The eureka moment was quite a feat for us. We had hit a little snag due to misaligned wiring during our construction process but wad glad things went well in the end. Our next step is to fix the casing using the laser cut acrylic casing provided.
Fixing the body
Thankfully, this was done much faster than we anticipated.
All Tied up
After tidying up, we were glad to see our lights still working.
It works!
The final part would be the globe shell to enclose the light for the galaxy effect. The globe shell came in small precision cut paper that we were supposed to fix together.
Fixing the shell
It took us much longer to complete it.

Patience is key in this project.

It's an arduous task!

Soon, our set is complete and ready to conquer the night.
Finally completed

You can see how it works here

There are bonus contents on the ThinkPortal itself. Beyond just fixing the project, you can programme it with the Arduino Compatible Uno Microcontroller.
Trying out the power of Ardunino
You need to install the programme first. Thereafter, there are provided samples for you to code the unit. You could do things like controlling the blinking or the speed of rotation. This is essential coding that the child could pick up while doing this project.

Sample Code 
Overall, it was an interesting project to undertake. It is like building a LEGO set except that you could program it to the way you want at the end of the build. For early exposure to creating and coding your own project, we think ThinkCrate would be a good start.


The good people from ThinkCrate would like to take this opportunity to let you partake in this learning process. They will be providing two units - Mood Lamp ( Tier 1)  and Word Clock (Tier 2) to our readers for this giveaway ( 1 winner each).

Do the following to qualify
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3) Join the rafflecopter in the post.
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Giveaway closes on 31 July 2359

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TWD was provided a set for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our  own

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