What will you make time for? - A Reminder of what is important in life.

What will you make time for?

Every once in awhile there will be an ad that is set to pull the heartstrings.
Sentosa's What will you make time to do just that.

Everyone has their own burdens

It started off with a scene where everyone is carrying a table with them wherever they go. This represents the burden they have. Be it work, school or otherwise, everyone has to carry their own 'burdens'

Will we be free of our burdens?
It then focuses on a family of three. The boy Ben saw an advertisement for Sentosa and is amazed that no one is carrying a table in the ad.

It takes a child to see what is important in life.
He tries to go around and tries to make the table disappear but without avid.

It was not until the family made a trip to Sentosa. At the beach, without any worries, their tables disappear.

They get to play without burden and the tagline What will you make time for ? is flash across the screen.

What will you make time for?
This is a great message for us. In our personal pursuit of happiness, we often think that material gains will suffice our needs or achievements will bring us joy. Yet, it's the simple act of spending time with family is what we need.

Watch the full video here.

Will you be able to take that step and make time for the right things in life?

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