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BenQ Eye-Care Monitor- Perfect for kids!

A new monitor made especially for kids!

Benq introduces an Eye-care monitor ( GW2480T) with the kids in mind. It is not unusual to have the children looking at the computer screen at this day and age. More often than not, they would be on laptops or even handheld devices such as tablets on smartphones.

The reason why they are on the computer more often is due to school work as well as entertainment.  As portable as laptops and tablets are, it is not the best device to do school work, research or create content. Moreover, staring into a tiny screen that does not offer protection such as Blue Light technology would be detrimental to eye health in the long run. Thus it is not surprising to see more children on spectacles compared to yesteryears.

Benq Eye-Care monitor
BenyQ Eye Care Monitor
With Benq Eye Care Monitor, it is made to target students. Featured pack with advance technology that would be beneficial to kids, this is one monitor you would need in your home. Connect it to the laptop and you will have the perfect screen for kids to work on.

Eye Care Technology

For children exposed to computer screens at a young age, it is important to protect their eyes as much as possible to prevent short-sightedness or myopia. That is why we are on a constant lookout for products that would protect the eyes.

The Benq Eye Care monitor is laden with Eye Care technology that would be beneficial for the children. It comes with Brightness Intelligence Technology(BI Tech) that automatically adjust the monitor's brightness according to ambient light to deliver the most comfortable viewing experience regardless of the day.

The Low Blue Light Technology that filters out harmful blue light. For someone who is in front of the computer the whole day, this would improve eye health. Usage of the monitor at night prior to sleep would be less stressful to the eye and provides for better sleep quality thereafter.

The monitor also comes with Flicker-Free Technology that helps to diminish eye fatigue for better viewing comfort. Staring at the same screen for a few hours can be tiring as a conventional LCD screen flicker at a rate of 250 times per second. Image looking at the monitor for 8 hours straight and see it flickering for 5.8million times. Your eyes would thank you for Flicker-Free Technology.

For children are into art, the colour weakness might affect their progression. The Eye Care Monitor comes with a Colour Weakness Mode that gives students a better perception of natural colour by offering filters for red colour deficiency and green colour deficiency

Benq Monitor layout
The Eye-Care Monitor comes with a 24-inch screen.  Compared this to the 14-inch screen of laptops, it makes a whole world of difference in terms of screen estate. You would not need to squint your eyes to see what is in front of you.

Height Adjustment Stand
The monitor comes with a Height Adjustment Stand that can be customised for height, tilt, pivot and even swivels 90 degrees to transform into a portrait mode. this is ideal as you can adjust the monitor according to the height and seating posture of the child. The adjustable height is also tall enough for you to use it with a laptop without the need for an additional stand.
Source: Benq
We love the ability to swivel to portrait mode. This is the first monitor we have that has this capability and it turns out that it is the perfect mode to use for reading.

Portrait Mode
The thin bezel of the monitor also means you get plenty of screen estate in a nifty package. This reduces the bulk from the monitor, making it lightweight and easy to move around.  The unit also comes with speakers (1 W x 2) to provide a more immersive experience. You do not need to buy external speakers when you use this monitor.

For connection, the monitor comes with an HDMI, DisplayPort and D-sub to connect your laptop. There is also a line out to connect to external speakers or headphones if needed.

Monitor for everyone

The monitor is not only for the child but anyone in the family. As an online content creator, having 2 screens to work on is a godsend. In addition, the bigger screen also meant that we use it as a teaching tool for parent and child. Everyone can see the screen together and thus working on projects such as coding is possible with 2 or more people.

TWD was provided with a unit for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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