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Free entry to Jurong Bird Park comes with Paid Attractions

Fly Free into Jurong Bird Park for 10 days!

From Sep 6 to Sep 15, you would gain free access to Jurong Bird Park.  That means you know what you have to add to your list of activity during the September school holidays. This deal is only for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and FIN holders.

There are 14 areas that are open free to the public. This includes Singapore's own Great hornbill and Toucans, as well as the world's rarest raptors - the Philippine eagle.

1 Bird Discovery Centre
2 Birds of Prey
3 Breeding and Research Centre
4 Dinosaur Descendants
5 Flamingo Lake
6 Flamino Pool
7 Heliconia Walk
8 Hornbills and Toucans
9 Jungle Jewels
10 Outdoor Penguin Coast
11 Pelican Cove
12 Royal Rumble
13 Window on Paradise
14 Wetlands

It's not completely free as there are gated area that requires a fee for entry

$2 per gated area
  • Indoor Penguin Coast - Meet Baby Kinds
  • Lory Loft- Feed lovely lorries
  • Wings of Asia - Wings of Asia Scatter Feeding
  • Waterfall Aviary- Waterfall Feeding Frenzy
  • Parrot Paradise - Blue Macaw Keeper Chit Chat

$4 per entry 
  • Birdz of Prey - Playground
  • Hawk Arena - Kings of Skies Show
  • Pools Amphitheatre - High Flyers show

Coupons are available for purchase at $10 each to be used for gated areas, restaurants within Jurong Park and gift shops within Jurong park.

As you can see from the list, to gain admission to the most popular attractions comes with a price. Do expect to spend a few dollars if you would like to experience it. To see all the attractions, the full price to pay would be at $22 per person. Considering the normal $30 per adult and $20 per child, it is still cheaper.

If you just want a place to Jalan Jalan, it will be worth it to just go for a walk at Jurong Bird Park. Try to go during off-peak hours else you would probably be caught in human traffic!

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