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Illegal to collect NRIC from 1 September 2019

From next month, you can choose not to disclose your National Registration Identity Card numbers

New Rule 1 Sep 2019
Under new guidelines by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), private organisations will not be allowed to collect, use and disclose NRIC number. In addition, they are not allowed to make duplicates or retain physical cards.

This will apply to birth certificate numbers, foreign identification numbers and work permit numbers.

NRIC details may be collected when necessary to verify individuals identity to a high degree of fidelity.

What does it mean
Frivolous request for NRIC will now be illegal. You do not need to give NRIC number for booking a movie ticket,  renting a bicycle or for lucky draws. However, for visiting pre-schools or transactions involving healthcare, financial or real estate matters, you might still need to provide it.

How does this impact you?
For those using NRIC number to log into non-government websites or membership usage in retail settings, you would have already received notice to change to a new login id for your dealings.

Organisations that continue to indiscriminately collect, use or disclose the NRIC would be flouting the PDPD and could incur the financial penalty of up to $1 million. You may file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission should you encounter such a breach

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