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Walking with Dinosaurs - The Live Experience in Singapore!

Want to walk with Dinosaurs?

From 29 August to 8 September, witnesses the dinosaurs of the past, come alive on stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Walking with Dinosaurs- The Live Experience will thunder into town with 18 life-size dinosaurs take will take over the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Unlike static exhibitions, Walking with Dinosaurs is a theatrical story hosted and narrated by Huxley, the show palaeontologist, who brings the audience along a journey into the lives of these amazing creatures. The show is created by Global Creatures in association with BBC Studios and bought to town by Sliding Doors Entertainment in partnership with UnUsUal Entertainment.

We caught a glimpse of baby T Rex. This little baby roars and roams like how a Dinosaur would. To add realism to the dinosaurs, it even has feathers ( Fun fact : recent studies suggest almost ALL Dinosaurs were feathered!)

Baby T Rex is operated by one performer using a series of animatronics and physical puppetry. The combined effect is amazing. It was so realistic that it scared the wits out of the younger audience.

Baby T Rex is one of the smaller dinosaurs. There will be bigger wonders during the show.

The one hour, 50 minutes show will have giants such as the 12-meter tall Tyrannosaurus Rex and the 17 meters long Gigantic Brachiosaurus. Prepare to witness the interaction between the dinosaurs and even a battle where the herbivores fended off their predators.

Check out our media call preview of the show here

Walking With Dinosaurs - The Live Experience
29 August to 5 September
Singapore Indoor Stadium
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Special pricing from $54 for Cat 3 and Cat 4 tickets on sale from now till 25 August for all shows!

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