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Guide to choosing Air Purifier - Beat the Haze with Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan

Easy to install Dyson Link App
The haze is officially back in Singapore.

With PSI readings hitting a high of 150 ( unhealthy range) in recent days, locals had become wary about heading outdoors. It would not be surprising to see many deciding to stay at home instead of being out on the streets with a mask on.

Being indoors does not mean you would have to shut the windows and doors to prevent haze from taking over the rooms. Instead, opt for an air purifier to cleanse the air indoors. Choosing a purifier may be a daunting task as they come in all shapes and sizes with an array of functions for different uses.

If we have to choose between a mask or a purifier for the home, we would go for the latter in a heartbeat. Who wants to wear a mask at home anyway?

How to choose the right Air Purifier?
To aid you in your search for the perfect purifier, here are 3 main considerations to observe when choosing the right purifier for your home.

1 Intelligent Sensing
There are purifiers in the market with sensing capabilities. Some are smart enough to respond by purifying the air automatically when pollutants are detected. To achieve this, a purifier would have o-board air quality sensors and software to process the information to react intelligently to purify the air.

In order to know that the purifiers are working well, you need to be able to monitor it. It is best to select machines that have ways to monitor such as using digital displays to show live indoor quality. Better machines will show the types and concentration levels of particles. Armed with this information, one can better understand the air quality trends in their homes better.  For purifiers without this setup, you would never know if it is working effectively.

2 Capturing: Efficient Filtration
HEPA Filters with Activate Carbon Filters
With multiple methods of filtration available from different brands, it might be a tad confusing. We break down the common filtration methods and its effectiveness

Ultraviolet lights
Uses electromagnetic radiation to destroy bacteria, viruses and mould. However, it does not remove dust, allergens or particles in the air

Activate carbon filters
React chemically with pollutants to clear smoke, odours and gases from the air. Does not filter harmful fine particles on its own

Air ionisers
Sends out a stream of charged ions to attract dust and allergens. Can produce ozone as a by-product. Ozone is a respiratory irritant and a component of smog.

HEPA filters
Trap pollutants and fine particle across a range of different sizes such as bacteria, mould, dust mite debris. However, they do not remove volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene or Nitrogen Dioxide. HEPA filters vary in standards as some capture ultrafine particles while others do not. Some purifiers combine HEPA filters with activated carbon to remove both particulate matter and VOCs.
Which filter suits you?
It is essential to check the filtration system the purifier uses and to see if it fits the purpose of purifying the air to provide clean breathable air.

3 Projection: Whole-room Mixing and Circulation
Aside from sensing and capturing pollutants, some purifiers can circulate purified air across the room. When place in the corner of the room, these purifiers can circulate and distribute purified air to people who are far from the machine. Some purifiers also double up as a fan to make it a two-in-one machine.

Why choose the Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan?
Besides its good looks (it will fit into any modern room decor), there are plenty of reason why Dyson Pure cool purifying fan is popular. It ticks all boxes in the guide to choose an air purifier and more.

  • It is a two-in-one machine. Not only does it senses air pollution, but it also captures it and project purified air evenly across the room with Air Multiplier technology. The AIr Mulitpier projects up to 360 litres of purified air per second to every corner of the room!
  • It features sophisticated air quality sensors that report precise PM2.5, PM 10 concentration levels in real-time to the on-board LCD screen or the Dyson Link application. With the Dyson link application, it gives you added convenience of monitoring without the need to stand next to the purifier.
  • Pollutants like VOCs and Nitrogen Dioxide ( frequently generated by vehicles) are captured and reported as well.
Glass HEPA filter
  • Contains a Glass HEPA filter with capture 99.95 % of ultrafine particles as small as PM0.1and a dedicated activated carbon filter to remove gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. Families with young kids, especially babies and toddlers will welcome this as fresh air are important for a child's health.
  • With automatic mode, the fan would constantly monitor the air for pollutants and reacts to purify it. You can just sit back, relax and let the machine do all the work for you.


Having a machine that cleanses the air and keeps us cool at the same time is a plus in our books.
The installation for the fan was done in less than 10 minutes. We downloaded the Dyson Link app to connect to the fan. The initial set up was a breeze and the app was up and running within minutes.
New Vs Old
Compared to the older model without a filter, the Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan is much larger in size due to its HEPA filters. Nonetheless, although it increases in bulk, the footprint is still much smaller compared to a traditional fan.

Huge Plug
We can't say the same for the plug. It's huge!

There is also an on-board LCD Screen on the newer model showing useful information to monitor PM 2.5. PM 10. VOC. NO2. These parameters can also be monitored via the app.

Unhealthy air readings in the room!

The thing that caught us by surprise was the quality of air in the bedroom. The reading was at an unhealthy range.  During the test, the PSI reading for outdoor was at 120.As we had the windows opened the whole time, the haze had apparently infiltrated into the room. It was at that moment that we were glad that we have this machine to help us purify the air around us. Imagine having to sleep in a room cloak of haze. The next morning, you would probably wake up with a scratchy throat.
Improved readings
We left the fan on Auto and let it run for a few hours. The readings came back at 30, which meant that the room is now pollutants free!

With the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying Fan, we need not worry about opening our windows for fear of haze infiltrating into our homes. Now, we can breath easy even under hazy conditions. With the crucial PSLE looming over one of the Wacky Duo next week, we need all the help we can get to prevent us from falling ill.

TWD was provided with a Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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