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NTUC to charge for Plastic bags - What are your alternatives to Plastic Bags?

If you have not heard, NTUC will start charging for plastic bags.

From 16 Sep, Plastic Bags will be chargeable at selected outlets at Fairprice, Cheers and Fairprice Xpress. The plastic bags will be charged for 20 cents per transaction at Fairprice outlets and 10 cents per transaction at Cheers.

These are the outlets affected

Given climate change, this is a great initiative. The proceeds from the sale of these plastic bags will go to the Singapore Children's Society and The Straits Times Shcool Pocket Money Fund.

So what are your alternatives to plastic bags?

Trolley Bags

These reusable grocery Trolley Bags are our number one choice.
The bags fit perfectly into the Supermarket Trolley. You could separate the items individually for instant organisation and pop it straight to your car for transportation.  They come in sets of 4.

You can purchase them at this link

AliExpress.com Product - 4pcs/set Cart Trolley Supermarket Shopping Bag Grocery Grab Shopping Bags Foldable Tote Eco-friendly Reusable Supermarket Bags

Large tote Bags 

If you are not driving and would only be in the Supermarkets for a quick get and go, get a large tote bag instead. You can fold these bags when not in use. The large opening ensure it is convenient to place items in and out.

Get them here
AliExpress.com Product - Many Colors Oxford Foldable Recycle Shopping Bag Eco Reusable Shopping Tote Bag Cartoon Floral Fruit Vegetable Grocery

Shopping Trolley Cart

Need something more heavy-duty?

This trolley cart is ideal. It comes with a handle for you to pull along. In addition, the wheels are build for climbing stairs as well. Perfect for the supermarket jaunt. 

Find one here
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Shopping Trolley Bag

An alternative to the cart will be the Trolley bags. These carts are lighter and come with a variety of colours. 

Here is where you can get one
AliExpress.com Product - 45L Foldable Shopping Trolley Bag On Wheels Push Tote Cart Carts Trolley Bag Basket Luggage Wheels Oxford Fabric Floding

Shopping Bags with Wheels

A much lighter version of a trolley bag. This one does not come with a fixed handle but it allows you to fold it and go. 

Get one here
AliExpress.com Product - Foldable Multifunction Shopping Bag Cart Tug Trolley Case Wheels Reusable Reusable Fess shipping

NDP Bags

If you have NDP bags from your previous NDP outings, its time to put them to good use. We reckon the 2016 versions will be a stylish shopping bag option. 

Instead of using plastic bags for your next grocery shopping, why not consider these alternatives instead?

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