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LEGO Star Wars Sets at 50% off (Including UCS Sets!)

Rejoice fans of LEGOs and Star Wars

If you are heading to LEGOLAND Malaysia for the next week or so, you can buy LEGO Star Wars Play Sets at a whopping 50% off. This promotion is valid till 3rd November and each customer is limited to five (5) Sets per item per day only. If you are staying overnight at LEGOLAND Malaysia, you can double your purchase the next days. With the high exchange rates, you probably could end up saving a pretty penny!

If you are wondering which sets to get, we think these sets would be worth the trip.

Destroyer 75252 (UCS)

This one just launches on Oct 1st. It is not every day you get 50% off a UCS set, so this one is a must-have!

This set retails for $1099 in Singapore, so at half price, you will save a whopping $549.6! This is enough to cover a trip and a night stay at Legoland Malaysia itself!

Millennium Falcon 75192 (UCS)

Souce : LEGO

If you are looking for a bigger version, this is the one. The largest, most detailed LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon would be the one to get. With a whopping 7500 pieces, it would probably take weeks to complete it.

In terms of the number of pieces, it has 6 x more LEGO than the smaller version!

If this is too pricey, there is always the smaller version (75257) to consider
Souce : LEGO

Slave 1 - 20th Anniversary edition 75243
Source: LEGO
This is the detailed reinterpretation of Boba Fett's classic Slave 1. A worthy ship to add to your Star Wars Collection

Death Star 75159 (UCS)
Source: LEGO

This Massive Death Star would be a perfect addition to any Star Wars Collection!

Porg 75230
Source: LEGO

This adorable Porg featured in The Last Jedi will be delightful in any kids room!

Good Luck in finding the sets in LEGOLAND Malaysia!

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