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McDonald's Choco Banana Pie is here on 31st Oct!

Move over Apple Pie, the Choco Banana Pie is in town!

If you love desserts, you would know that banana and chocolate go very well together. McDonald's must have read your thoughts because they will be introducing the McDonald's Choco Banana Pie today in store!

The limited-edition pie will include McDonald's signature pie crust and filled with warm chocolate and banana fillings. We do hope it will be as good as the photo given the last White Choc Strawberry pie turned out to be more crust than fillings.
Source : Mcd

The pie will be in-store today at $1.50 each. This time around, you can also purchase it as a set with three choices of double-patty burgers. The selection includes Double McSpicy, Double Filet-O-Fish or Double Cheeseburger. Retail prices are at  $10.45, $8.85 and $8.1 respectively.

As per their limited edition items, there are no dates when it will end, so get it early if you want a taste of it!

Update 1 November

Tried it, it's great!

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