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Naiise Iconic @ Jewel : A brand new local shopping experience

Take a look at the mural. What do you see?

Naiise launches its first iconic store in Jewel. Spanning over 9500 sqft, Naiise Iconic is the only Local brand that has a 2 storey storefront. With such a massive space, you would be wondering what you can do there.

One look at the mural above would give you a clue. At Naiise Iconic, you could shop for local brands, read a book, explore a walk-in wardrobe, have tea, take a break with ice cream and be inspired to create with in-store workshops. Naiise Iconic is not your usual retail outlet. It's a brand new local shopping experience in town.

Step into the store
Naisse Iconic
Blink and you could miss the storefront.

Located next to Starbucks Flagship store in Jewel, you would be greeted by a large white brick wall with a smaller entrance compared to the surrounding shops.  This storefront does not scream retail, instead, it throws in hints of exclusivity and luxury.

Before you step in, you would walk past an entrance that is lined with wooden Merlion scales signalling the brand's local connection. These scales are made from locally sourced fallen rain trees and were handcrafted by masters. With its familiar local vibe, it feels like home already.

The Experience
There are plenty of highlights to Nasiise Iconic @ Jewel. Some of the concepts are new and brings a fresh breath of air to a saturated shopping landscape. Let us walk you through them.

The Gift Bar

Look inside and The Gift Bar will greet you. Clad in similar Merlion scales pattern, The Gift Bar is a unique stop to provide customers with a wide variety of options to customise products on the spot. You can choose to engrave jewellery, hot foil stamping and perfume label customisation. These services are in collaborations with The Mindful Company and perfumier The LAB Fragrances.

Build your own customised gift wrapping

For a small fee of $3, you could build your own customised gift wrapping. You have a choice of 100 different gift wraps, ribbons and accessories like dried flowers to pom-pom to mark your gifts personalised. There are additional customised add-ons such as calligraphy services and wax seal stamping.

Customised your own product at Experience Pods

Other than adding personal touches to gifts, you can also make your own product at various Experience Pods.  On the first floor, head to the ana tomy shop in shop and make your own notebooks. You could also have your own personalised skincare at homegrown brand Alche(me)

Shop the best of Naiise Local Brands

The thing that struck us the most while we were in stores were the numerous homegrown brands Naiise carries.

You would be able to get local flavour clothing and accessories such as socks and pouches.

One of our favourite finds is the upside local plushies delights. From pineapple tarts to gem biscuit, you could find your favourite local snacks here.
It does not matter if you are a tourist or local, the localised items would make great gifts.

Grab the traditional tin cups for adults and Merlion Chou Chou series for kids this Christmas.
Merlion Chou Chou
You could also pick up local games such as The Singaporean Dream to play with your mates.

The Singaporean Dream

Another favourite pastime of Singaporeans ( other than shopping) is food!
Naiise Iconic marries Singapore's favourite hobbies - Shopping and Eating into a shopping space filled with local culinary delights.

There are sauces to make your favourite local dishes such as Lor Bak or Black Pepper Crab.

You can also find local fruit jams such as Singapore Sling and local chocolate flavour like Kaya Merlion. For locals, these familiar favours with a twist will be welcoming. For tourists, you could bring the unique taste of Singapore home to savour!

Sample teas at the Naiise x Teapasar Tea Bar

Operated by local tea aggregator Teapasar, customers can sample quality tea from more than 30 brands. The customers will be served teas based on a combination of their taste preferences and technology-enabled taste profile recommendations.  You just might be surprised at the choice of tea specially chosen for you!

An open-source communal pantry

The Pantry is Nasiise Iconic first foray into F& B. This open-source cafe connects diners to homegrown F & B brands such as Nuude by Udders, Joe & Dough, Better Barista and Doki Doki.

Have a drink, ice cream or cakes when you shop.

You have to try the Ondeh Ondeh Signature Drink while you are there. It's the bomb!

The Launchpad

Help Designers with their Next Big Idea at The Launchpad. Located on the upper level,  The Launchpad invites consumers to provide feedback to selected ideas and prototype.

Naiise will collect this feedback. Together with its in-store video and sensor analytics, they will be able to provide designers with meaningful insights about real-time market responses to their ideas. That's right. you are being watched in the store but for a good reason!

Get inspired

There is also a workshop space on the upper level where Naiise Iconic will play host to weekend craft workshops for consumers, as well as a series of curated monthly talks and events to promote dialogue and collaboration among its community of designers, makers and consumers.

The shop - your home

While the lower level provides a typical retail experience, the upper level transports you back to home with its more intimate and luxe setting. On this level, you will find books, fashion brands and accessories and a world of fragrance.

Living room
Greeting you when you step up would be the 'living room' here you have a wall of locally curated books to read. Pop on the seats and grab a book to relax.

If you are feeling adventurous, pick a book based in a sentence. The books are wrapped so you do not know what you will get. Instead, there is a sentence on the book. If you like what you read, get a copy to find out what you get.

Next walked into the massive walk-in wardrobe where local fashion brands beckon.  You will be tempted to try the unique designs there.

Children are not left out in this experience. While mom picks her outfit, the kids can try clothes too,

There are locally designed pieces, reversible clothing and waterproof shoes to choose from

Next step into your 'powder room' where both local and international beauty labels await your discovery.

You can sample beauty products from Alche{me}, Atuolive, In-heal and many more. There is a mix of both specially curated local and international brand. There is even a makeup counter for you to try the products before you buy.

We spotted these in-room fragrance inspired by the iconic places in Singapore. Great for those who want a whiff of Singapore!

Naiise is online too!

If you have no time to visit the store, Naiise is online too. You can order your gifts online and choose to have it delivered to your home or collect at the shop to have it gift wrapped.

Naturally, a visit to Naiise is not complete without a purchase or two. We ended up with a bagful of local delights from Naiise at the end of the day. We enjoyed our time at Naiise, it's a shopping experience like no other!
Naiise Iconic
78 Airport Blvd #02-205
Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore 819666

Naiise Iconic
TWD was invited to tour Naiise Iconic. All opinions are of our own.

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