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There will be no more registered mail for small packages in Singapore.

If you are a fan of online shopping, using registered mail will be common. The main reasons for using registered mail are that it allowed the receiver to track and door to door delivery. Additionally, registered mail would provide compensation up to $68 per article or declared value of the content, whichever is lower, should the item get lost in transit. It is a benefit for both sellers and buyers to use registered mail At an additional $2.24, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind.

From Dec 2, this option will no longer be available for small packages. Instead, it will be replaced by two new categories - Basic Package and Tracked Packages for up to 2 kg. These packages will be delivered directly to letterboxes instead of door to door and do not require a signature.

If the item does not fit into the letterbox, you would have to head to the Post Office to collect!

Source : SingPost

What will change from Dec 2

  • Registered post is no longer an option. You could opt for the following instead. For those who require door to door delivery, the charges will be from $10 onwards. This is almost 500% increase for parcels up to 2 kg compared to registered post.
  • Registered Mail are still available, but only for letters and printed papers up to 500g ( no small parcels)
  • As of now, there are no information if there are insurance coverage for Tracked Package Delivery.

The rates are shown in the table below

Types of mail
Basic Mail
Only Letters and Printed Papers weighing up to 500g

Registered Service Singapore
(Door to Door)
Only Letters and Printed Papers weighing up to 500g

Basic Package
(No Tracking or Notification)
For parcels up to 2 kg
$0.90 to $3.50
Tracked Package Delivery
(Tracking and Notification)
For parcels up to 2 kg
$3.2 to $4.8
(Door to Door)
For all items
As per speedpost rates (From $10 onwards)

Higher International Airmail Rates

International Airmail rates from Singapore will also raise from Dec 2. Rates for letters, printed papers and postcards will cost between $0.10 to $0.20 more. Other fees including registered service will go up as well.

Here is a snapshot of the new rates
Source:  SingPost

The bottom line is that online shopping might get more expensive due to these changes especially if you require door to door delivery.

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