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BTS Mini Dolls - Fans would love this!


Fans of BTS might want to sit down for this

BTS has tied up with Mattel to create this new range of BTS Mini Dolls. The Mini Dolls are based on the members of BTS. Each doll is approximately 3" and sold separately with a base.

While we may not be fans, we must admit the dolls look pretty cute. You have SUGA, Jungkook, V, RM. Jimin, J-Hope and Jin in the lineup. If you are a bonafide fan, you probably would want to get your hands on all of them!

Jung Kook

Source: Mattel


Source: Mattel

Source: Mattel


Source: Mattel


Source: Mattel

Source: Mattel

Source: Mattel
You can pre-order them at Toys 'R' Us. Each Doll cost $18.99
Pre-order them at this link

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