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Lactokids + Probiotics -Why it's good for kids!

Stomach upset, indigestion, bloated stomach, constipation?

If you have all the above symptoms, it may point to a unbalance gut. It might be time for you to consider Probiotics!

What are Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good because they help to keep the gut strong and more. Think of them as soldiers in your gut to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. That way, diarrhoea and even constipation can be kept at bay.

Probiotics can be found in foods such as yoghurt, kimchi and supplements such as Lactokids Probiotics.  They are used for the following issues

  • Improves Digestion
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Relives Upset Stomach

Gut Questions
Lactokids+  Probiotics - Why you should get them

We tried out the Lactokids Probiotics and here are the reasons why you should consider it too.

  • Specially formulated for kids age 0-12
  • It contains 9 Probiotics strains, Prebiotics, Vitamins B & D, Calcium, Colostrum all in one package.
  • It has the world's first and only double Microencapsulation by Novarax. 90% of the probiotics enters the guts and does its works
  • GMP ( Good Manufacturer's Practice) certified by KFDA ( Korea Food and Drug Administration) for peace of mind.
  • No refrigeration required and packed in individual sachets That means you could take it out on your travel trips to relieve an upset stomach. 
  • It is easy to prepare. Can be taken directly or dissolved in room temperature water or mix with food. Taste good on its own and prefer to eat it directly out of the sachet.

 I remembered that during our last vacation in the US, the boys caught a bug and had stomach upset during our road trip. It was a tough ride as we need to make pit stops along our 5 hours drive to appease the stomach. This episode had significantly affected the travel plans as we need to make an adjustment for the time lost. As we were on a highway, we could not find any pharmacies along the route If we had Lactokids Probiotics, we probably would not end up in that predicament and missed a few attractions as a result of our unplanned detours.

This episode taught us that it is always better to be safe than sorry. So we are definitely packing a few of these sachets for our next trip.

Lactomin Advance + Probiotics - For older kids and adults

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For older kids and adults, you could take Lactomin Advance + Probiotics. This 100% natural product is specially formulated for a person above 12. It is also GMP certified by KFDA. The Lactomin Advance + is a probiotic that contains Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 and D3. Not only does it aid digestion, but it will also help to boost your immunity. 

As an adult with a history of digestive issues like loose stool, bloating and stomach discomfort due to IBS, I had recently started on this course of probiotics. After a few days, the loose stools are rectified and the bowel symptoms had improved. With longer-term use, I hope it will rectify the imbalance in my gut.

Where to get them

The LactoKids + Probiotics and the Lactomin Advance + Probiotics are available at Watson, Guardian and major pharmacies.

Each LactoKids+  Probiotics  comes in 60 sachets and retails for $68
Each LactoMin Advance+  Probiotics come in 30 sachets and retails for $49

TWD was provided Lactokids+ and Lactomin Advance + Probiotics for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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