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5 things to note on Secondary School Selection

Secondary School selection for PSLE students closes in 3 days time (27 Nov 3PM)

If you are still undecided on which school to select, consider these factors before.

Cut Off Point (COP)
To qualify for the school you choose, you would have to meet the COP. The COP for each school for this year will only be known after this exercise. However, you can use the past year's COP as a gauge.  Normally COP would not move much unless something drastic happens to the school. Do give a range of +/- 1-3 as 'buffer'. On the same note, it may not be wise to choose a school with a COP that is 10 higher than the T-score. It may be unrealistic and you would 'waste' your selection.

You can refer to the Cut Off Point here

T score is in decimal point
Even if you meet the published COP, it may not necessarily mean you qualify for the school. The actual T Score has decimal points. When 2 students vying for a place in the school has the same T-score, the one with the higher unrounded T-score aggregate will be admitted first.

The difference is that for the last place of the school, students T score will be rounded to the nearest whole number for balloting. Preference will be given to Singaporean (Source)

Choice order of school does not matter for this year unless you are choosing an affiliated school
As T score aggregate will be determined down to decimal places, the choice order of school would not matter. For example, if you choose a school as your 2nd or 3rd choice and another student with a lower T-score chooses the same school as First Choice, you would still have priority base on your T-Score.

If you are choosing an affiliated school, it has to be the first choice in order to qualify for an affiliated school COP.

Use the Secondary 1 Internet System (S1-IS) to apply
You can apply via S1-IS or head to the student's primary school to hand in the application form. Both would use the same system. At primary school, you would be required to key in the selection yourself at the S1-IS. Save the trip and do it online on your own.

Fill in all 6 school choices
You have 6 choices. Fill them all up and do not leave blank.

Do not leave it to the last day to submit your application. Apply now after you decided. Any last-minute delay may mean you would miss the dateline if you wait till the last day to apply.

Need more tips to help you decide?

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