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Monster Jam 2019 Singapore Review : Flying high!

Monster Jam rolls into Singapore

Last weekend, Monster Truck invades Singapore Sports Hub with their mega trucks that could roll over anyone in sight. It was a spectacular one-night performance that left us wanting more from these oversize Monsters. A fantastic family experience for the holidays!

Press Preview
Grave Digger
We were privileged to attend the press preview where we get to see the trucks up close and rub shoulders with some of the drivers.
Morgan Kane

Bari Musawwir
Seeing them up close, you could admire the details that are painstakingly created on each individual trucks.
Wonder Woman
From the Lasso on Wonder Woman to the Ears and tails on Scooby-Doo, Monster Jam does not leave any expenses on the detailing of the trucks. It does not matter if some of these trucks risk the potential of complete destruction at the end of the night, each one looked like they just came out of a car showroom during the press preview
Our favourite among the trucks - The armageddon inspired Max-D!
Max -D
Check out the press preview here

Pit Party

On the day of the race, we attended the Pit Party when we join in the crowd to have a glimpse of all the stars up close. There were long queues to meet your favourite stars for photos and autograph but it was worth the wait!
Haley Gauley - Wonder Woman

Morgan Kane - Grave Digger

Alex Blackwell - Megalodon

Todd Leduc - Monster Energy

Neil Elliot
You get to take photos with your favourite trucks too!
Max-D Fans
Monster Jam

It's time for the main event. Monster Jam is an action pack show that is great for families to enjoy. The night started with a one-one race followed by Wheelie contest, Donut Contest and Freestyle. In between, you will also be treated by Motorcycle Daredevils.

Check out the evening highlights in the video.

Here is a glimpse of the night's action

Monster Jam Race
The night started with One on One Race. Each truck will race against one another. The eventual winner for this race is El Toro Loco!

Monster Jam Race
Monster Energy Wheelie
Next up is the Wheelie. Each truck will have to do some stunts on 2 wheels. El Toro Loco won this round but Monster Energy came in a close second. The Donut was next. Each truck on to spin on the spot. Monster Energy took the win for this.

The most exciting part of the evening was the Freestyle. Here each driver is allowed a few minutes to demonstrate their skills. Their performances will be judged by the audience to determine the winner!

Wonder Woman
There were thrills and spills with some trucks like Wonder Woman and crowd favourite El Toro Loco spinning out of the race. The winner for the freestyle goes to Grave Digger. The overall winner for the night was Monster Energy who pull of consistent performance over the last 3 competition.
Grave Digger
We were also treated to an awesome aerial display by the Motorcycle Daredevils. We had seen some Motorcycle Daredevils actions on youtube before, but seeing it live when a motorcycle goes 360 degrees off the ramp is an experience to savour.

The whole family enjoyed themselves thoroughly throughout the evening. We can't wait for Monster Jam to be back on our shores once more!
See you soon Monster Jam!

TWD was invited for a Media Preview

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