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Dahlia Dreams @ Gardens By the Bay 2020

Dahlia Dreams is back at Gardens By the Bay!

Dahlia Dreams

Ushering the year of the Metal Rat, the Flower Dome at Gardens By the Bay has been transformed to Dahlia Dreams - The Heavenly Race. Dahlias have been a familiar sight at the Flower Dome for the past few years.  This year's display will feature an abundance of more than 70 Dahlia cultivars. Other festive plans such as the Narcissus, Azalea and Celosia will be on display too.

Year of the Rat
Before you stepped into the flower dome, you will be greeted by a group of wooden rats leaping out from the bushes. Every year during Chinese New Year, the Flower Dome will unveil these wooden sculptures,

Judging by the works, it could be from the same sculpture James Doran-Webb who created the magnificent Dragon and prancing horses found in the Flower Dome.  The wooden sculptures representing previous years Chinese horoscope are still found around the Flower Dome.
Once you enter the Flower Dome, you will be greeted by a spectacular Fu Glower medallion. The Medallion has 2 faces, so remember to take a photo from the other side.
Fu Arrived
The star of this year's display will undoubtedly be the Dahlia. Words simply cannot describe the beauty, so we will just let this collage speak for itself.
Dahlia Dreams

You can also pick up facts about the Dahlia. Do you know that the Dahlia is not a single bloom but it consists of a cluster of tiny individual flowers known as disc and ray florets?

The disc florets from the centre, looking like tiny tubes whereas the ray florets form the petals!
Facts on Dahlia
There are 2 golden rats flanking the side of the flower bed.
This year's theme is The Heavenly Race. The reason, Rat is first in the Chinese Horoscope.

Do you know why?

Ox is second
That is because according to legend, the witty rat won the legendary race organised by the Jade Emperor. He did this by jumping on the ox during the river crossing part and jumped out of the latter's ear near the finishing line to reach the Jade Emperor first!
The moral of the story, do not judge a book by the cover and underestimate your opponent!
Rat Winner
At the Flower bed, you can also see a Pavilion surrounded by flowers. Unfortunately, access is not possible for hthis.
At the centre of the Flower bed lies a magnificent archway.
Look our for the flowery cranes too!
Head down to the Flower Dome in your new Chinese New Year outfit to take OOTD photos.
Flower Dome
If you would like to soak in the atmosphere there are a few Chinese New year displays near the entrance.
Superheros Mouse
These displays make a perfect background for your insta worthy shots.
Traditional Mouse
Best of all, it's free!
Modern Mouse

There is even a Pikachu mouse that kids would love!
Pikachu Mouse
Dahlia Dreams will be at the Flower Dome from 17 Jan to 23 Feb. Admission charges to the Flower Dome applies.

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