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The Doors Imagined :Break on Through to the Other Side!

Break on Through to the Other Side!

Come on Baby Light my Fire...

If the above 2 lines sound familiar to you, you probably grew up in the era of punk rock. Those are the days when the music of Doors rule the airwaves with its psychedelic tunes. The Doors had been an influence in my formative rebel years. Till this day, I would still bob my head whenever Jim Morrison and his crew are on the airwaves.

Credits: Base Entertainment
Marina Bay Sands will bring you an orchestral concert that would bring a unique take to The Doors music with The Doors-Reimagine. In town for a one-night performance only, you would experience Light my fire, Touch Me, LA Woman, Riders on the storm, Break on Through (the other side) in a vibe like other.
Credits: Base Entertainment

Fronted by End of Fashion frontman, Justin Burford, it will be one rock and roll event that would bring out the old soul in those who had grown up with the music.

The Doors Reimagined
8 Feb 2020
Sands Theatre Marina Bay Sands

Get your tickets here.

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