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12 Things you can do at home with kids if you want to avoid COVID-19

With COVID-19 lurking, will you go out this weekend?

If you plan to stay at home and avoid crowds, you might be wondering what can I do with the kids this weekend. For some, it may be a rare occasion where everyone stays at home over the weekend. Make the best use of it.

If you are scratching your head on what to do, here is a list of activities to help you (eyes glued to the smartphones does not count)

1 Play Board Games

Ditch the handphones and play some old school games. Dust off your Monopoly and play a game with the kids. It will guarantee hours of fun and interaction.

2 Do Housework
It's time the kids do some chores and for you to take a break right. Let them clean the floors or teach them how to use the washer. You might just find the extra hands you need to keep things spick and span.

3 Cook a Dish

Whip up a storm in the kitchen with your kids or simply teach them how to fry an egg. Cooking is a life skill that would be useful for the future.

4 Exercise

When is the last time you went for a jog? Just put on your running shoes and head outdoors for a jog. If you are worried about COVID-19, the good news is that they would not survive under hot temperature. If unsure, stay indoors and have a mini short circuit challenge. A fitter body will boost immunity!

5 Do  a craft
Kids asking for new toys?
The solution?
Ask them to make themselves.

The boys wanted a Thor hammer r. Instead of buying, I gave them a few cardboard and toilet paper rolls and this is the result

6 Revise schoolwork

When is the last time you check schoolwork with your child?
Take the break to revise schoolwork or do some homework. Besides, the first term tests are coming up if schools still have them.

7 Watch a movie

If there are no schoolwork, just chill. Watch a movie

8 Have a family talk
Do you remember your last family talk?
If you can't, this is the time to have one.

9 Wash the car
It was raining heavily for the last couple of days, time for a car wash. A car wash can be a bonding experience too!

10 Have your own Steamboat party

Pile up on your groceries during the panic buying, time for a steamboat party before the food turns bad. Replace the usual mee with Maggie.

11 Catch up on sleep
Been awake all night worrying about the virus?
Can't sleep because you kept dreaming about masks?
Shop too late at supermarkets to stock up?

It's time to catch up on sleep. Catch 40 winks if you need and do not tire yourself with all the worry.

12 Just Play

If everything else fails, just play!

Staying at home is not so bad after all.

Stay Safe!

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