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Respiratory Symptoms? Head to PHPC for $10 treatments

Having a cold?

If you are having a cold/ flu symptoms and am worried about COVID19, you should head to your nearest Public Health Preparation Clinics (PHPC). From Feb 11, more than 700 general practitioners (GP) has been designated as PHPCs that will provide subsidised treatment for those with respiratory symptoms.

Unless you have reason to believe that you had been exposed directly to COVID19, it is best to use PHPC so we do not overload the medical system.

Where to go
Head to for the location of the nearest PHPC to you. There are current 783 clinics (GP and Polyclinics) on the list. The full list can be found here.

What are the symptoms covered?
Respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and runny nose would be included in the coverage

What is the cost?
It will be a flat subsidised rate of $10 for consultation and treatment of the condition at any of the PHPCs and polyclinics.

Pioneer Generations and Merdeka Generations Seniors pay $5

What to expect
MOH has advised doctors to provide medical certification (MC) of five days for patients with respiratory symptoms to say home and recover.  If symptoms persist after 5 days, they will be referred to further medical tests. Should the symptoms worsen, do visit the SAME doctor to seek treatment.

Excercise good social responsibility by staying at home if you are unwell. Even with mild symptoms, you could still be infectious.

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