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Wuhan Coronavirus is now known as COVID-19

Not as memorable as SARS and as bland as H1N1

COVID-19  is the new name for the dreaded Coronavirus that had spread throughout the world.

Previously known as Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus, 20190nCov respiratory diseases, novel coronavirus pneumonia, it will now be officially named COVID-19

What does the name mean
CO - stands for Corona
VI- stands for Virus
D-Stands for Disease
19 - was the year it was identified

Why not name it the Wuhan Virus?
Elola and Zika were named after places, if it is named as such, it will link it to people's mind and the place will be known as the birthplace for this virus.

Why not name it as China Virus?
Such naming can stigmatise a group or region

Why not name it after the aminal that transmitted it?
It will likely cause confusion. Given that the transmission has yet to be identified, it is not appropriate as well.

Why not name it after a person - Like the doctors that discovered it?
These are banned as they are "terms that incite undue fear"

COVID-19 has been named. Regardless if it is here to stay, we will fight it together!

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