-Get the latest Stats on Covid19 in Singapore - - Singapore Lifestyle Portal -Get the latest Stats on Covid19 in Singapore had been updating on a daily basis on the cases in Singapore

However, since the spike in numbers for the past few days, I am unable to catch up on the latest cases. In honesty, this website is a one-man operation. To update over 40 cases in one day as well as other analysis is an impossible task given the finite hours in a day.

Thankfully, we stumbled on this site


In terms of presentation and information, it is more comprehensive than the official MOH site. All the details are sourced directly from the Press Releases of MOH, thus it is a reliable source of information.

It also provides the breakdown on Nationality that is not available on MOH on a cumulative basis. interestingly, the majority of confirmed cases are Singaporeans (over 70%) despite that  Singaporeans are at only at 60% of the population.

Source : Population Brief

The other good thing about the dashboard is that it provides infection sources for imported cases. This is good to track places to avoid.

As for local cases, they had included cluster details as well as information on individual cases.

All in all, it is a very comprehensive site to visit for Covid19 Stats.
As much as we would like to do it on my own, this website does it much better. For now, it will be my reference point for future analysis on cases in Singapore.

You can bookmark the website here.

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