New Measures for Covid19 that will impact your school holiday plans!

With the pandemic on the rise globally, new measures will be introduced in Singapore

As PM Lee mentioned in his address last night, be prepared for new measures due to Covid19. The slew of measures announced would have an impact on your March Holidays.

Travel Advisories
Additional travel advisories to Singaporeans against non-essential travel to countries
All new visitors who had been to Italy, France, Spain and Germany within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry of transit

From 1150pm on March 15, Singaporeans, PR and long term pass holders who had been to Italy, France, Spain and Germany within the last 14 days will be issued a Stay Home Notice (SHN) They are to strictly stay at home at all times for 14 days upon return to Singapore

Any visitors who show signs of respiratory symptoms at checkpoint regardless of travel history will be issues SHN. Even if Swab test shows negative, SHN will still apply.

Ticketed Events
Ticketed cultural, sports, and entertainment events with 250 participants or more must be deferred or cancelled. For events already committed, organisers must demonstrate satisfactory precaution measures. It is unsure if this covers major attractions such as USS , Zoo, etc

Work schedule
Employers must put in place measures to reduce close contact. They are to implement telecommuting, video conferencing, staggering work hours and allow staff to commute on off-peak hours.

What does it mean to your family holiday plans?

Consider deferring travel
If you are travelling overseas with family, do note of the measures announced. There is a compulsory SHN for affected countries. Even if you are not heading to the affected region, if you have respiratory symptoms, you are required to serve SHN as well. It may be best to defer travel

Avoid Crowded places
Given that it is the school holidays and there are great deals around Singapore, it might be better to consider avoiding crowded areas. Even though attractions such as USS and Zoo remains open, it might not be the best time to visit.

Practise Social Responsibility
If you are unwell or your child is unwell, do not head out. Instead, see a doctor or stay at home

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