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Reporting of Stay Home Notice Breach

As of March, there are thousands of Singapore residents on SHN

As the numbers grew, it will be increasingly difficult for the government to keep track of all SHN. Singapore residents have to play a part in ensuring that SHN is not breached.

Who will be issued Stay Home Notice (SBN?)

Singapore residents, long term pass holders and foreign employees issued with a work pass who fulfil any of the following conditions that will require to remain in their place of residence at all times for 14 days period, under SHN measure.

Form March 20, 2359, all travellers are issued a 14-day SHN.

From March 25 2359, returnees from UK and USA will serve their 14-day SHN in dedicated facilities.

From March, individual who is issued a medical certificate by a medical practitioner certifying he/she has acute respiratory symptoms must not, without reasonable excuse, leave the individual's place of accommodation for 5 days starting on the day of the MC

Penalty for an offence under SHN is a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment of up to 6 months or both.

What the public can do?
If you know someone who is in breach of SHN, you can now report it at IC website. If possible, provide photo proof of such violation

Link to report 

Alternatively, you can call 6812 5555 to report a breach.  

You play a part in keeping Singapore safe.

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