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The Bright Side to Dark Times : What happens after COVID19?

COVID19 is not all doom and gloom

Unless you are living under a rock, it is apparent that COVID 19 has taken over the world. Despite the gloomy outlook that COVID-19 might take a year or two to recover, there are some positive takeaways from this dire situation.

Increase Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility is a phrase you probably had seen it almost every other day. We are constantly reminded to be mindful of our actions. From staying at home when sick, keeping a safe distance, maintaining proper hygiene, we are drilled to a social responsibility mindset by a barrage of reminders that are the equivalent to decades of campaigns.

At the end of the day, we would probably be more aware of our own actions and consequences. This would hopefully be translated to a more responsible nation, one where citizens take personal responsibility instead of being nannied to do the right thing.

Learn to do things differently
From working at home to homeschooled via e-learning,  we are learning new ways to work and play. As we get more comfortable and efficient with this method, we could see a whole new class of employees working from home and tuition centres conducting online classes after this episode.

Appreciate your own homeland
With our wings clip, we start to look inwards and get to know Singapore once again. This was true during the beginning stage of the virus. For now, it is better to Stay At Home, given the uncertainty of the situation with 71 unlink local cases identified.

Reduced Personal Expenses 
The pandemic had resulted in a pay freeze, pay reduction and even job losses. Not to mention, those invested in the market are in the red due to market corrections. Nonetheless, personal expenses are reduced as more choose to eat at home, forgo holidays, skip major purchases such as car and eliminate shopping trips.

It will also show most the difference between needs and wants. One could use this opportunity to do a budget for the future. You would be amazed at how much you could save with the choices you make.

The World can breathe
On a global front, with the curb in air travel and factories operations worldwide, you see pollution drastically reduced. During the past 2 months, the world has been breathing easier. On Jan 23 2020, the doomsday clock stood at 100 seconds from midnight with the double threat of climate change and nuclear wars. It is safe to say that both are off the table now. The virus had just bought the world a few more precious seconds...

To sum up, COVID 19 might seem like a nightmare now, but when it passes, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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