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We were (sort of) mentioned in the Resilience Budget Speech!

There was a big surprise waiting for me  during the Resilience Budget speech

Out of the blue, this was mentioned at the conclusion of the speech by DPM Heng Swee Keat.

Individuals are doing their part - vloggers and bloggers are helping to share public messages, others are volunteering, giving support and encouragement and crucially by complying with health advisories and practising safe distancing. This includes foreigners who live amongst us and who care deeply about Singapore.

I did a double-take and had to download the video to confirm.

Blogging has been a 'dirty' word for quite a while. It had been associated with stories of freeloaders and fake reviews. It is hard to impress anyone if you tell them you are managing a website.

These days, it would be rare to find a dedicated blogger that put up a post every week much less every day. In reality, there are more to blogging than lifestyle recommendations or *ahem* beauty tips. It can also be a tool for serious communication to the public. To mention bloggers in an important speech such as this is nothing short of amazing.

Take that you Instagrammers!

To be honest, I do not even know if the Government has been reading my Covid19 posts. As for the mention, it might not even be us. For all I know, it could be someone else altogether. Nonetheless, having started the coverage from as early as Jan and with over 80 posts to date, it might just catch their eye.  The frequencies of the suggestions popping up as measures did make me question if it is a coincidence. Besides, I do think that this is the only blog that had been actively writing about COVID-19 since it's onset in Singapore.

What started as a concern became a regular 'job since the website is part of my work. The blog was regularly updated with information and resources that would prove useful for the public. Personally, I felt this is a platform that can reach out to many. Furthermore, the posts are always there for one to refer back to if there is a need. When the crisis is over,  it will also serve as a reminder of what happened to Singapore and the world in the future.

In these days of uncertainties, there is a need for a voice of the reason, I humbly thought that I can fill in the shoes. That said, the message can only get as far as the messenger, so I do need help from you to share the posts when you think it is beneficial.

As for the future, I really do not know where this will go. When COVID-19 pass us, the readers that had followed the website may go on separate ways. One thing for sure, I might have found a calling of sorts in analysing and providing probable solutions for public issues. If that can translate to a job in the public or private sector in the future, I am all ears.

In the meantime, I am just going to blindly believe that DPM Heng is referring to this website when he mentioned bloggers. When I showed the boys that video and told them the context, I could see their eye lit up. I could sense that they were proud of their dad.

That is all the reward I need.

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