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Can or Cannot do? Q& A on the latest Circuit Breakers Measures in Singapore

Oh no - It's a lockdown!

Relax lah, this is not really a full lockdown.

Rather, it is a period where movements are somewhat restricted. There are things you can still do during this one month break from normalcy.

Figuring out what you can do during this Circuit Breaker period can be daunting. To help you along we come up with a list of thing you can  do during this period.


Can I see a Doctor?

If you are feeling well, primary care services are still available. Polyclinics, GPs, nonelective and urgent dental services, renal dialysis centres, TCM (adjuvant therapy for cancer and chronic conditions), pharmacies are still open

Community care services and community mental health services remain open


Can I get groceries?

Supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery retailers, wholesale markets, wet markets will still be open at regular hours. Online delivered are sill operational.

Can I eat my favourite hawker food?

All F&B outlets( including hawker centres, coffee-shops, food courts, restaurants, fast food and others) will remain open. However, you can only order takaway or delivery

Can I get my Bubble Tea?
Bubble Tea chain will stay open for takeaway. Cakeshops, coffee shops and food chains will remain open during this period. The opening of individual outlets will be subjected to the business decision.


Can I order gas if I run out?
Services for bottling and distribution of cylinder gas will still be operational

Will there be someone to dispose of waste?
Waste Collection and disposal services are available.

What if there are termites in the house?
Vectoc Control services such as Pest Control and fumigation are available.

I have a broken flush, can I call the plumber?
Plumbers, Electricians and locksmiths will still be allowed to ply their trades.

Can I do home renovations?
All renovation and construction will cease during this period.

Can I get landscapers for the house?
Allowed only if landscaping is for public safety. Eg Tree pruning.


Can I cut my hair?
Basic hair cutting is allowed at hairdresser and barber services. Other services like perming or colouring hair will be disallowed.

My pet is sick, how?
Veterinary services and pet supplies remain open. No pet grooming or leisure activities are allowed.

I need to change glasses after starting too long at computers due to WFH and HBL, how?
Optician Services are sill open

I need a new computer for HBL, can I get one?
Best Denki has announced closure. However, you still can shop online for your products. As of now, there are no confirmation from other retailers.

Can I post a letter?
Postal service is still available

Will my Taoboa orders arrive?
Postal service is still available. However, do check with your respective sellers on which option they had chosen for delivery or if they are open for business.

Can I exercise?
If you are going for a solo run around your estate, it is permitted. Public parks remain open. Games with friends are not permitted

Will sports facilities be open?
Gym, country clubs, public and private swimming pools and golf will be close. Only open-air stadiums are open. Do note that regardless if it is open, do beware of the need to have safe distancing.

Can I still go to the Malls?
Malls will remain open to provide restricted acres to outlets providing essential services such as supermarkets and F&B

Can I still go USS, Zoo or museums?
No, you cannot. All attractions, theme parks, museums and casino will close from APR 7.

Can I buy 4D?
Singapore pools outlets will be close as they are considered not essential services.


Can I go to work?
Most workplaces will be close. The exception will be those on essential services. Do note that even you own your own shop and you are the only one there, as long as it is on commercial property, you are NOT allowed to head to work


Can I send my kids to school?
All schools and institutes of higher learning will be moved to Home Based Learning from Apr 8 to May 4. Students will log in at home and be taught remotely by teachers.

Will there still be exams?
Mid-year exams will be cancelled. National exams like O Levels, A-Levels Mother tongue exams, the PSLE and final year exams will continue.

How about enrichment classes?
Face to face tuition, music lesson, sports training and other activities will be put on hold. You can still conduct lessons remotely via alternatives likes Zoom or Google Hangout

Can I still send children to preschools and student care centers?
Preschools and student care centers will be suspended. However, limited service will be provided to a group of parents/ guardians working in essential services and are unable to find alternative care arrangement. Priority will be given to healthcare and low wage employees.

Can I have one on one tuition or group tuition at home?
If it is face to face, no. If you use zoom, why not?


Can I have a gathering with friends in groups of 9?
Gatherings should be confined to members of the household. That excludes extended families who are not staying with you, especially if they are elderly it vulnerable. For friends gathering, please use other platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.

While there are no laws against socialising, with the advice on tightening restrictions on movements and gathering of people, we have to exercise self-discipline in NOT circumventing the rules.

It's official, private social gathering of any size is not allowed under proposed law at anywhere including home!


I need to withdraw money, can I still do it?
Banking services will remain open. However, do note that  banks will have limited services and may close off certain branches with non-essential services

Can I still trade?
Online brokerage remains open.

How do I apply for housing loan repayment waiver?
You do not need to head out to request this special waiver. You can do it online.
Links to all the banks offering this service is here.


Can I pump petrol?
Petrol kiosks will remain open.

Can I get public transport?
It will still remain open.  Certain services will be discontinued. Refer to LTA website for details

Can I hire a taxi or take Grab?
Taxis and Grab will continue to operate during this period

If my car breakdown, what should I do?
Vehicle recovery and repair services remain open during this period

To get the latest update on what is allowed, head to the following websites
GOV.SG and GoBusinessCOVID


  1. Can I still go out and buy kfc?

    1. Sure ,Kfc is open . Go for the one that is the nearest to your place to avoid traveling

  2. am i expected to pay my gardener even if he has not been coming ?

    1. Depends on the kind of contract you have with them.


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